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Thursday, October 31, 2002

hmmm.... about me.

Here's the story. 

Grew up in the "new south" with a funny family & an odd obsession with hats. 
Ugh, don't ask. 
Met Jesus when I was fifteen. New heart, new life. 
Met my husband (Nick) when I was sixteen. 
Went to college, made sweet friends, fell in love with the church. 
Married the boy, moved back home, helped plant a church. 
God gave us the sweetest baby boy, Elias Powell, in January 2007 and changed my heart yet again. 
Loved it so much, we did it again. 
Moved across country to learn more about the church. 
God blessed us with another sweet baby, a girl, Gloriana Eloise in March 2008. 
Kept learning. Burden for the church body grows in my husband. 
Burden for my children & husband grows in me. 
What do you know? Another sweet baby in May 2009. 
Benjamin Haddon is one of the biggest blessings known to man. 
Decide to stay longer in the pacific northwest. 
Hopefully keep growing, before God and men. 
Somewhere in there you'll find reality tv, a love of fashion, coffee, and making (hopefully) pretty things for other people. 

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