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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thanks friends

Quote of the day:
(as Nick, Elias, & I sit at dinner)
Nick: So how was your day?
Me: Well, I'm having a rough day - feeling pretty bad about myself. I kind of need you to really tell me how beautiful I am and give me lots of love. I mean - just pretend like we're dating.
Nick: Hmm... okay. (he points at Elias) So where did he come from?

Driving home from dinner tonight I was thinking about blogging and why we do it/how we do it. Sometimes the thing I hate the most is re-reading my blogs and feeling like they paint the picture in a uber-positive light, when they can tend to be more dim. So tonight I was thinking - marriage and motherhood is just too hard. I'm not cut out for it. My husband isn't giving me what I need and I can never give him what he needs and I will always fall short of giving Elias what he needs and I'm hating being pregnant and getting more fat by the second.

Before you correct me and tell me how thankful I should be & how it's okay to get fat "because you're pregnant!" (trust me... if you haven't been pregnant before, DON'T ever say that phrase... it doesn't really make anyone feel better. Just say "OH MY GOSH - you're not fat, you're the prettiest pregnant woman I've ever seen!") - God already whipped me back into reality. I read Candice's blog about marriage that renewed my faith in love and how God grows it. Then I REREAD Kelly's recent blog about motherhood & our purpose in life. I KNOW I'm blessed. I KNOW I need to be constantly praising God for all He's given me. A few extra pounds for a few extra years, having to work to be romantic, a little less sleep, and a life that is not my own are more than worth the calling and life God has given me.

So here are links to both of their wise words:
Candice :

I'm really thankful for both of these beautiful women tonight and for how they helped me snap out of my mess.


KatieEWalters said...

I am laughing out loud at this. J too- at the dinner conversation. Seriously, I think Nick is one of the funniest people I know. I love you and... those words of the girls didnt help me I am still having a sucky day I think I am PMSing. Just kidding I love both their blogs! Love you! K

InthemiddleofLIFE said...

Actually, i loved your blog about the $6 shoes and life's simple pleasures. Nothing lofty or spiritual about that, but sometimes we need to hear more about just 'doing life one day at a time'. i love your heart, momma

Candice & Daniel said...

jessi...thanks for the shout out...

i have to agree with you...there are times in the past when i only blogged about the good...and i would often get comments from my friends that , 'your life is so never struggle' it was then that i figured sharing the sucky side of life was good as well. it was real. raw.

thanks encourage me!

kelly said...

hi jess. happened to get on tonight. both lady babies are actually asleep and i'm totally wiped out. you know, the only thing i got out of a writing class one time was this - write (well, at least for other people) once you've come out on the other side of something. otherwise no one will want to read it because they'll read it and only feel like crap with you :). so...i COULD be writing every single day about how freaking tired and delirious i feel but i guess there's really no point and it would make me feel even more tired writing it. but then again, if my feeling like crap makes you feel better b/c you can relate...maybe i should...hmm... ;) love, kel