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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

If you don't have something good to say...

On Monday night I went to bed with every intention to wake up on Monday morning and write the most joy-filled blog. As I was drifting to sleep - I was telling Nick ... "Wow.. fall is amazing. You are amazing. Our family is amazing.... You're my favorite season, this time in life is my favorite season. I love our life. I love you..."

I'm not sure what happened in the course of 24 hours - it may have started with Elias yanking my hair so hard I cried to wake me up on Tuesday morning... it also could have been when I almost lost my temper dropping Elias off at daycare and had to pray the entire way to work. By the time I got to Starbucks and had to repeat my order to the very rickety woman who takes my (SAME) order every morning, I was close to losing it. Seriously - does she have to act surprised that someone would like to order coffee? And does it really sound like gibberish when I say GRANDE.ICED.COFFEE.WITH.SUGAR.FREE.VANILLA???

I was feeling pretty hormonal and murderous by that point so I kept my mouth shut until almost bed time. However... the rude parker in my downtown neighborhood hadn't been informed that I was in a helacious mood & he should watch out. Since we live close to downtown, parking is always a little hairy - but like every day, when I got home yesterday I spent 13 minutes parallel parking our SUV, carried my sleeping son, unborn child in utero, diaper bag, and two bags of groceries across the parking lot & up the steps to our building. I only got disgruntled when the following occurred:

At around ten p.m. when Kalle was leaving, the big obnoxious truck-guy (previously named rude parker) couldn't bear to walk 50 feet from the overflow parking and so he just double parked, right beside Kalle's car - as if she has nothing better to do but wait until the morning for him to leave. Nick called to get his car towed & Kalle went out on the street to wait and I just sat on our pseudo-balcony yelling like a mad-woman. He finally came out and moved his car - Nick waited and spoke with him patiently while I still continue to yell from the balcony.

When I got in bed last night I thought two things:
a) wow - that wasn't a fun day.
and b) I need to practice a little patience and grace. IMMEDIATELY. Pregnancy isn't a good enough excuse to stop being a Christian for 24 hours. So - sorry world, I'll try again today.


Kara Mottershead said...

I am addicted to your blog. (I'm not stalking you I promise.)

Everyone is allowed to have an off day. Don't beat yourself up.

rmoss said...

I tell my students it is only though knowing great tenison can you have great joy and release. I celebrate the fact you can share both of those with everyone. I love waking up and having a peek at your day, even when it's not the best day in the world.
Love ya

KatieEWalters said...

hey are you saying you cant read it..i know that should not be a surprise to you or me. I just want to make sure I am being as not comprehendable as I think I am when I look back and read them:)

staci said...

i hate rude parker already. i wouldve yelled at him, too. and for the record (in case there was any doubt): i am NOT pregnant. but still strangely hormonal ;-)