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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mosaic Memories

This picture makes me want to laugh and cry all at once. Today was our last day at Mosaic before leaving for Puyallup and it was truly the definition of bitter-sweet. It didn't really dawn on me until this morning - but so much of who Nick and I are is because of Mosaic and what we've learned here. Two and a half years ago, we got married, high-tailed it back to Charlotte to join this group of people we barely knew, & tried to take on the city. This picture is from Mosaic's first gas giveaway, a week before our first service. Nick and I look like children and truly we were. Still are, I suppose.

When we came to help start Mosaic, we had about a million ideas of our own - most of which were silly and wrong. We thought we were big shots at ministry because we had served on staff at a church in South Carolina and had about two years of church work under our belts. Now, however, we know so much more because we realize we know nothing. We've just barely begun to learn who we are in Christ - who He made us to be and what He made us to do. In the past two and half years, we've just started the process of learning how to be married and how to be parents and how to be effective believers. Thankfully, we have amazing family, friends, and mentors to guide us - but the Mosaic team has been a huge part of that.

So here are so memories that I'm leaving with that I never want to forget....
- The first day we ever met with Naeem & Ashley, and the launch team of about 6 people in Charleston. How nervous I was to be meeting some spiritual heroes of mine - that would later become dear, dear friends.
- The first meeting once we were all in Charlotte, about 15 people packing into our apartment - with our IKEA couch placed neatly on the floor because it had no legs.
- The day we launched the church and were floored because a team of 6 had grown to 60 and all of a sudden, there were 400 people at our service.
- When we got to tell our sweet Mosaic family that we were expecting Elias... how scared and excited they were for us. Then later when he was born and there were 18 people in our hospital room.
- The day Ashley & my entire mommy small group watched as Tara prophesied about our move to Washington and how God was going to bless our family, even though I hadn't told any of them about it!
- Today... when I just had to walk away without really saying all I wanted to, without seeing everyone I wanted to see - because I know this story is not over. I can't wait to see what God continues to do in Charlotte through Mosaic and we both feel really honored and privelaged to be being sent by them.

We love you Mosaic family and we'll see you soon.

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