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Sunday, January 27, 2008


So - I've been inspired by Jason's beautiful words about Kelly and Denise's amazing blog about Mark and I thought I'd share a few things about Nick that are incredibly special and amazing - and that you probably don't know.

- My husband is the most faithful person I know. It's something the Lord has gifted him in, but I know he has to choose obedience in this area as well. When there is a problem or a potential crisis - his first thought is always that the Lord will take care of us. I jokingly call him Moses behind his back.
- Last night he did my laundry without me asking or anything - just to help me out.
- Even though he's not an incredibly verbal person, he expresses his love for Elias unashamedly. Sometimes out of the blue he'll just say "gosh, I love him so much".
- He is intensely focused on taking care of me - in big and little ways. Whether its making sure our needs are met or planning to get a new mattress because I'm having a hard time with my back, he's a provider through and through.
- He's an amazing, AMAZING chef. Inventive, healthy, and hearty. My faves.
- He has an incredibly teachable spirit. If we disagree about something and come to a head on an issue, we can revisit it days later and he'll admit if he was wrong or he'll meet me in the middle.
- He puts up with me, and three other pregnant women presently - enough said.


Nick said...

You are sweet. I do not know how uch of this is true...but I will rub it in.

Thank you and I love being your husband.

KatieEWalters said...

Hey I love this blog and Nick too! I put some belly shots on my blog for you but hopefully you will be able to see for yourself! NEXT WEEKEND! oh gosh I cant even say that outloud I get to excited! love you! K