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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A day of Firsts for us

Tonight I had the privilege of going to my very first childbirth class - not for myself, but for one of the new girls we have staying with us. We were a hilarious bunch - two pregnant women, only a few weeks apart, there with all the other husband/wife couples. I have to say - I'm not quite sure why we didn't go to childbirth class when we were expecting Elias... but Nick got it goooood. They don't come at you easy - in the first fifteen minutes they had us watching a live birth and a live delivery of the placenta. Yummmy.

So right now, we're living another first with our first night of having girls in the house. We actually only have one, one young lady is slowly transitioning in this week, the last will be here on Friday - then we'll be set. It has been a nice transition week and now we're ready to get going. Nick cooked the girls & I his great and awesome dish of spaghetti casserole.

Another first - we went grocery shopping for six people for a two-week span. My sister and I always debate about whether or not grocery shopping is fun - usually I love it, but today I lost my passion for perusing those grand aisles. After our hour and a half jaunt through Fred Meyer, (for southerners... Fred Meyer is Harris Teeter/Wal-Mart/Target all in one, quite amazing) I was having some massive contractions and I was about ready to die. AND we weren't even done. Grocery shopping for this house is going to take a Fred Meyer trip, a Target trip (mostly because Diet Coke & baby food is cheapest there), and a Costco visit. However - I do think coupon clipping is in my future. Oh the joy of domesticity.

After such a momentous day - I'm pooped and ready for a little husband time. I'm going to run up to our sanctuary of a room - how it's a sanctuary with 20 boxes in it, I'm not sure... but probably just because my husband is there, and a good book.


InthemiddleofLIFE said...

mmmm...spaghetti casserole...Nick knows when his women need some comfort food, right? I'm missing his cooking already! I'll be praying for the grocery shopping experience to become as pleasurable as Kate's (they put a Starbucks in her Publix). Of course that doesn't work when you're preggo and unable to stomach it. My personal fav was a Publix of Cindy Judd's in GA that had childcare at the front of the store you could monitor on TV screens throughout while you shop. Now that's answered prayer!

KatieEWalters said...

Hey love keep the glimps of your day coming, I need them! I miss you and am so excited for all the new adventures! I love you! K

jasonbradley said...

Dude, I need that spaghetti casserole recipe. Sounds good. And no lie baby food is cheapest at fred meyer (44c vs. 49c at target). Haha I am quite the domesticated husband, huh?

breezie said...

hey love...

i'm so glad your bloggin so I can keep up with your many shopping, never been a fan, but I will wish you much luck, quickness, and for your cents to turn into dollars as you reach the checkout line! love you guys...and miss you muchly!