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Monday, June 23, 2008

two steps forward, ...

*** First: Please be praying for Liana & Adleigh Joye, Ferris & Wade Joye's twin girls. Read Wade's blog for the full update. Ferris was one of my roommate's in college & their girls are heavy on my heart this week. I know they'd appreciate your prayers. ***

Thanks everyone for loving on Glory/us about her sleep situation. We have seen a real, amazing dramatic change in her in the last few days. Last Friday I checked out "The Fussy Baby Book" by Dr. Sears from the library & reading it has given us some tools that are turning little Glory's life around. The book really made me feel empowered by my fussy baby instead of discouraged. It made me feel excited to be the one to care for her, rather than living in fear of her. Many of the tips are focused on preventing & treating the reasons why the high-need babies cry, rather than simply trying to stop the crying.

We've been doing some preemptive things like baby-wearing (I was sure my fussy little girl could not handle the sling), trying all different sorts of bonding, and keeping her in the other room to sleep at night - but feeding her once in the middle of the night, rather than letting her cry & get herself even more worked up. Since last Friday, she's been going to bed at around 10:30, waking up to eat once in the night, and sleeping in her bassinet till around 7:00am! I really actually never thought she'd get to that place. On top of that, she actually seems to like Nick, Elias, & I. She is smily and happy - and for the first time since she's been born I've noticed her body goes limp every once in a while when we're holding her - she used to just be extremely erect and straight, not cuddly at all.

So - since we've taken some steps forward in the sleep department, I've made a massive change in my life that is long overdue. I am taking very small steps toward cutting coffee out of my life. Seriously, there is a problem when you are sometimes buying two cups a day, and making atleast one cup at home. It wouldn't be that horrible, but I also have some of the most messed up bowels you've ever seen in your life. So this week - my first step is to stop buying coffee (well, Americanos) daily. I'm going to coffee twice this week with friends & I intend on buying it then. I'm going to let myself make it at home and then wean off of that.

The truth is, this is actually a spiritual problem for me. The idea of relaxation, through coffee, is such an idol in my life that I need to give up. I'm LITERALLY sad just thinking about the times I'm going to miss it. I know, I'm pathetic & this is long overdue.

Some fun/summer updates:
- my marigolds are dying. Black thumb strikes again. Lauren is winning with her still-alive herb garden.
- I want to do a cheap makeover of the kid's nurseries and I'm thinking of going retro with some wallpaper! Fun? this is the sample I love.
- We're gearing up for our trip back East in two weeks. We actually haven't bought our tickets because of money, but we both have full faith that we're going to make it back!


kellycowan said...

i didn't know you had started a writing blog!! so cool!

JustDoingLife said...

Seriously I don't know how it is that you are going to be in SC in two weeks and we wont see yall!! I am super excited for you guys though!

InthemiddleofLIFE said...

could be too much water for the marigolds...knowing your rain patterns.
LOVE the wallpaper!

Demi Eliese said...

Wow Glory and Isabel are almost on the same schedule (with one extra feeding for Isa), Isabel goes down at 1030 too and gets up at 3 am to eat, then at 430 to eat again, the she's up at 7 for the day. Not too shabby! I've had alot of success with the baby wearing dept too, it just makes Isa a happier, calmer baby. I ordered that book too and I'm excited to read it!