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Saturday, July 12, 2008

we're here!

The past few days have been a serious WHIRLWIND. Our day of flying with the kiddos was so awesome - I actually can't describe how good the flights were and how good the kids were, I'm still really in awe. One 4.5 hour flight, one 4 hour layover, and one thirty minute flight and they were awesome. We got into Charlotte around 2am East Coast Time & were greeted by Nonny, Pop, & Ruby - also known as my mom, dad, & awesome sister. And don't forget baby Abel!

The kids were actually so worn out they could barely function so Thursday was devoted to napping all day while Nick met with a good friend from college. That night we went to dinner at Nick's dads house and had a good time catching up with them. That night we stayed up toooo late, catching up with Donald & Laura Eslick, after Nick had coffee with a bunch of guys from Mosaic.

Friday was a nutty, crazy frenzy of a day. It started with visiting Nick's extended family at their daycare, then lunch with Staci, Elias' first haircut with JB (a success!), hanging out with Nana Powell, then a quick drive to Columbia. Once we were at Katie & Josh's house, Elias was able to play play play with Abigail & Annajaye, and of course, his pop. It took him about six hours to go to sleep from all the excitement and as I write this at 9am, he is still passed out!

Once he wakes up, it's breakfast with Leigh & Gray Ladd and then driving to Isle of Palms! Today starts our vacation portion of our vacation and I'm really relieved to spend time with my little nuclear family, Nonny & Poppy (Mom & Gibson), the Walters, and a quick visit with Pop (my dad). I think Elias especially is struggling with so many new people all up in his face. This starts the leg of our trip where he gets to sleep in the same crib for twelve days. Thank you Jesus.

Tons of fun stories & pictures to come asap.


Leigh said...

Seeing yall today was such a blessing! We love your family more than anything! Love Love Love you!

kellycowan said...

oh fun fun fun! i'm SO GLAD for this vacation for you guys. you need it so badly. Lord let it be like fresh water poured all over them! we miss y'all. tomorrow we go to our first service at the new location and there's a BBQ for everyone. it's been gorgeous here and i'm dark brown - forget sunscreen. love y'all. have a BLAST. hey to katie, josh and kids!