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Sunday, August 10, 2008

we have issues

Lauren and I have found a new HORRIBLE way to pass the time.
She taught me a game called "google-whack" where you see how quickly you can google something so obscure that only one result comes back. If no results come back, you LOSE.

Here is our latest:
molasses carob cookbook slack's kerrie lining is clorox hallmark firefox 100000 fit fresh flux carol dictionaries probe linux carnivorous photographie organic kerouac slackware skunk distilled kermit sphinx pyramid

Nick's reply to our latest winning, "I'm glad I live here." Unfortunately, I think he was being sarcastic.


mommyneedscoffee said...

Lol!!! Now when you google thaht ridiculous phrase, you have two things that come up! Your blog and that site. Fun game...

lauren said...

check out my blog to see mine... i did it in 15 words!

Josh Walters said...

wayne katie tightrope cumquat fruit white pita bread underwear vagina pierce google tattoo stained ripped rainbow flip flop toe lost spare tire cup holder ear wax picker weed killer eye lash bush wacker back seat love maker

Had to give it a try. I just beat Katie.