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Thursday, September 18, 2008

wedding extravaganza day #1

So.... it's been a busy day!

I got into Raleigh late last night and ended up being a crazy woman and staying up until 2am talking to my sweet Merry bride! Then I was missing the kids (and the white noise from the baby monitors) and stayed up until 4:30am because I couldn't sleep!

The rest of the day started at 9:00am when Mere and I got up to meet little Etim for a delicious breakfast of granola & yogurt. When we were refueled with food and plenty of coffee, we started the wedding errands. I got to see the BEAUTIFUL dress, engagement & bridal photos, church, country club where the reception is, and a small little peice of Meredith's world. Several times today I got a little choked up thinking about her getting married, which is odd because I'm not normally a friend-wedding-cryer, but I think I'm just experiencing the whole engagement in twenty four hours and that is certainly intense!

So now Meredith, Erin, Mere's sister Lindsay, and her sister-in-law Val and I are sitting around - sharing a glass of wine and some marriage stories. This is certainly my idea of a laid back bachelorette party. I even have my sweet pj's on, so I'm basically in heaven. I crazy miss the kids, miss Nick more, but they're doing great.

Tomorrow will be a blast I'm sure! These are my shoes for the rehearsal dinner, so seriously - could it be a bad day? Only kidding, the day couldn't be anything be bad with a laid back bride, a beautiful wedding planned, and more college friends coming into town! Updates to come!

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Lauren said...

so glad you're having fun. come home sooooonnn.