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Thursday, October 9, 2008

thankful thursday

No sappy list today. You know when you have a rough day and you're glad the day is over? That was me yesterday. You know when you wake up and you have a feeling it's going to be your second rough day in a row? That was me today.

Not many particular reasons - just life. I just wanted to sleep or be with my husband or sit and read the Word all day to get some sense in my crazy brain, but alas - babies had to be fed and played with, hair had to be dyed, laundry had to be done, preggos had to be entertained, and life had to go on.

So I'm just crazy thankful for grace, today. The kind of grace that saves my soul and gives me hope when I have two less than stellar days in a row and the kind of grace that allows me to feel like God isn't totally fed up with me for still being human. The kind of grace that makes my husband see I need him to quit studying for the afternoon and help me take the kids to target. The kind of grace where Jesus supernaturally drugs my kids and they take a two hour nap at the same time so I can just sit and stare into space.

I'm not even slightly saying I don't have a lot to be thankful for because that list would go on forever - but I'm most thankful for grace today.

And oh - tomorrow - couldn't be better!
Morning with kiddos
Afternoon off/girl time with Marilee
Dinner and bedtime with kiddos

1 comment:

kalle said...

ooooh. in light of this day I'm even MORE thankful that you took time to help me with my book project. thanks bff!