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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I mentioned earlier that I want to do something for breast cancer awareness - either with my family, or with the girls before this month is over.

Today I was made a little bit more passionate by a piece of news I received.

Around last year, when we announced we were going to move here to New Beginnings and start raising support, a girl I had never really met responded to my blog saying that she wanted to help support us financially. Her name was Kanika (Nika) Wade and she is to this day the only individual who supported us monthly. She wasn't crazy rich, she wasn't really well established - she was in her 20's, like us, and just wanted to give to people who were trying to do something for the Lord.

We only really got to meet her once before we moved and she told us on that day that she had breast cancer and was hoping to have surgery soon. We tried to keep up with her and her with us, but each month when we faithfully got her check - Nick threatened to send it back. Here she was - struggling with medical bills and still, still giving to us. It was a huge honor and also a huge sense of accountability.

A few months ago she let us know things weren't going well and wow - I wish we had done more for her. Even then she had a crazy servant's heart and was promising to pray for our ministry while she couldn't financially give.

Today I got an email from her brother letting us know she lost her fight with breast cancer. Her funeral was this past Monday. Ugh - Nick and I are both a little overcome with thoughts and feelings. Nick lost his mom to breast cancer after a long fight and that was hard - really hard - but it was a long fight and at the end of it, it felt slightly understandable. Nika is our age - she loved Jesus and she was crazy full of potential. She literally had what we believe is our whole life ahead of her. But in her struggle and in her death, she glorified God.

So today I'm really thankful for Nika.
I'm thankful for what I'm learning about the Lord and about giving from her.
I'm thankful for all that she accomplished while here.
I'm thankful she is with Jesus right now.
I'm thankful this will be true one day:

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.

1 comment:

Daniel and Candice:The Beautiful Mess Photography said...

This makes me so so sad. I knew Nika as well. She found us online...and started regularly following our blog...she bought us a wedding gift...and met us when we were in town. It breaks my heart to hear...but I know that she's in heaven smiling down.