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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

as if anyone is reading blogs today

So I know you're all probably glued to the tv or news websites today but if anyone ventures to my little old blog - here is some entertainment for you.

I am mildly obsessed with big families - specifically ones on reality tv! I don't think the Lord is calling Nick and I have to have eighteen kids, but woo - do I like to watch them work! My two favorite shows of all time are 17 & counting (The Duggar Family) and Jon & Kate plus 8 (The Gosselins). Here are both of the websites - if you need some relief from serious matters, check them out:



Jennie said...

i am ADDICTED to jon and kate plus 8.

Milovy said...

I love those families too and am watching John and Kate Plus 8 right now!

Rachel said...

I haven't ever seen either show but I keep up with them online. I wonder if TLC puts the shows online? Hmmm....

I would love to have the patience to have so many kids, maybe more of the Duggars style and not like John and Kate, one or two at a time please! Oh yeah, and maybe not working my way to 20. Can you even have that many c-sections?

Jessica Noy said...

I'm LOVE both of those shows to!! There is another one called Kids By the Dozen which is also amazing! I want to ask the Duggars if they ever have conflict b/c honestly, they seem like they have it all together. I don't see the kids fight ever! Is that possible?? Maybe I need to have at least 10 to figure it out?!