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Sunday, December 14, 2008

blog change suggestions?

So, I've just made the executive decision that I am DEFINITELY changing my blog address, for two major reasons.

1. When I check my site meter, every single day I find people who have googled some sort of "babe" phrase and stayed on my blog for tooooo long. Sometimes they've searched really gross & explicit phrases and then I can tell they've searched my history and well - yuck. That's gross. Get off my website, please.
2. I made this blog when we had just had Elias & were trying for Glory and we were definitely in a place where we felt like babies. We had a lot of negative voices telling us that we were crazy and rushing things, and I felt just this incredible burden almost to apologize for our child-rearing passion.

I don't really feel that way anymore, thank God. I've met so many women and Godly people who have affirmed our passion for a big family early on, and while I still feel like I have a whole world of stuff to learn in regards to life & motherhood, I don't feel so much like a 'babe' anymore.

So any suggestions?


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

It's tough. Good luck :) I tried to think of something a little more meaningful that "hi, i'm amy" but no luck. Oh well. I'm escited to see what your new name will be.

Pinkie Winkie said...

I don't have a great name suggestion but I'm sad that people were negative to you about having all your babies because you are a fabulous mother!!! I thought it was awesome that you wanted 4 under 4! Do it! Your sweet dimples don't fool me-you're tough! :)
And I'm so excited my little Ava is going to have a future friend. Since you already married off Glor and Si maybe Ava and Elias? I already know you'd make a great Thanksgiving dinner for the family! But he better be over 6 feet because I'm thinking my little cupcake is going to be TALL! And probably have huge feet...poor girl!

Anonymous said...

orsetWhat about 3 under 3, or something like that? I think it's so cute when you use that phrase, plus I can't think of anything gross that people could search for where that would come up, but then again my mind doesn't work that way (thankfully!)

Jennie said...

How about "Awesome. Get used to it."?

jasonbradley said...

These are sort of silly and just stream of consciousness, but just some fun ones I thought of when I think of you and your blog:

Mama dreaming

Mama dreams



jasonbradley said...

Or maybe


kellybollman said...

3 in my lap-needing a nap

can't find the
( it relates to not being able to change where we are, physically, in life stage, but embracing where God has placed us...) :)


arrows and jewels

preciously undone

i don't know - Jess. :) I'm sure you'll think of something much better.
Mine could be - sleepy lady sucking it up to get a work out in.
ok - here I go! LOVE YOU

Jessi said...

Ya'll are really helpful & cute. I really suck at thinking outside the box so I'm having a hard time, but I'd also like this to be a blog I can keep for a loooong time. We'll see what develops;)

Rachel said...

Maybe take a phrase or couple of words from your favorite verse about children, family, life. Or just from one that really speaks to you. Or even use 'tilitha koum[' (I had to look that up, I don't have that great of a memory). That seems to kinda fit since it's a part of you.

Those things seem like they would be hard for perverts to get from searching.

Pinkie Winkie said...

7 under 7? Then you're covered for a loooong time! :)

Milovy said...

What about the verse that your tattoo is from?

How do you check a site meter?

Nick said...

7 under 7.....ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I do not think so.