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Monday, December 29, 2008

gourmet goodness

The main ways I receive love are: 
words of affirmation
& chicken wings. 
My love affair with the wing de poultre began in college when I was on the atkins diet. Nick realized that this was a great way to fill me up without giving me bread & so we figured out which wing places in Columbia had $0.10 wing nights & we'd do that almost every night. He had a happy & cheap date. One night in college, I'm proud to admit I out-ate all of our guy friends and downed 30 hot wings without really blinking. Man, I miss you - Atkins. You did me good. 
Tonight, I relayed my exhaustion to my husband & told him for me to get excited and finish the day strong, work out, & do laundry - I needed a really thrilling dinner & he did not disappoint. I just polished off around 12 wings & a salad & now I'm ready to go. Thanks, husband. 


Leigh said...

oh Atkins...I remember those days, like when you would eat the top off of pizza at cici's. anthony was so embarrassed. love it!

Nick said...

I hate wings...(the kind in your picture)...but I love you.

I tell you what I do love...any BBQ or Honey Mustard wing. I would down a ton of those.

By the way are you cheating on me with chicken wings?

jasonbradley said...

do you have a good wings recipe? what kind do you get to make them at home?

Annie said...

Chicken wings sound amazing right now......with bleu cheese dressing, mmmmmmmmmm. My mouth is literally watering, time for dinner.