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Thursday, December 18, 2008

the weathermen came through

It was snowy when we woke up & it's been going on all day long.
We may never leave the house again.


ktabs said...

you guys are super precious! you are glowing, and I love E's outfit. wish we had snow here in the south!

InthemiddleofLIFE said...

these are possibly my favorite photos of the year! can you email me a couple of them so I can get printed and take with me to show all the Hoppers this weekend? I might get the most obnoxious Nonny award, but who cares?! Love you.

Angela and Devin said...

best pictures i have ever seen! pottery barn magazine...hello!

Anonymous said...

too too precious. I love those pictures, and I love you a lot too!
have a great day!

christy said...

Super cute family pics on a fun snowy day! Also, I'm pretty sure Elias is wearing the same red pants in last year's snow and this year's! Am I right? He's a bit taller this year though! What a cutieeee! Merry Christmas!

Nick said...

Christy, you are correct.

They fit a little better than they did last year!

a slice of my life said...

Adorable! In these pictures, Elias looks just like you, and Glory looks so much like Nick.
As always, loving your blog!