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Friday, January 16, 2009

how is vacation going?

Well, let's see.
  • While our first flight was horrible & we we almost missed our second flight, when we did get on that plane - both kids promptly passed out and we had a whole five-seated row to ourselves. Ahhh.
  • Getting off the plane in Charlotte, Elias saw his Nonny and ran about fifty feet screaming with his hands outstretched to catch her. It was about the sweetest thing I've ever seen.
  • Both babies saved their travel meltdowns for the last hour of our drive to Charleston.
  • Nick got to sleep in on his birthday this morning! (Birthday tribute to come later)
  • I've only changed two diapers today! Both kiddos love their aunt CC (caroline) and she actually offers to change diapers. Is that for real?
  • I got to go grocery & last minute birthday shopping this afternoon while Nick studied - worry free because I know my mom can handle it all.
  • Right now, Gloriana is napping - Ebug is at Walmart with the Non & CC, so I'm sitting in a quiet house waiting for some quality time with my sweet sister.
  • Family birthday party for Nicholas tonight with all the bebes. Five kids, one helpful teenage, and six adults. Let's the games begin!

My only question - is this the east coast, or heaven?


Amanda said...

Glad you guys are here safe! Wish I could come to Charleston and hang with you guys better yet wish you could come with Katie and spend the night next week. Girl night would be so fun. Anyway thanks for the congrats and have a relaxing time with the fam.
oh yea congrats on another boy!

michelle lucille said...

as much work as traveling with babes is, it's so nice to have all those extra hands waiting on the other end of a long trip, isn't it?

ps- happy birthday nick :)