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Saturday, February 21, 2009

first boston blog

(it's a long one - but worth it)

My first blog about us moving to Boston should probably start with our decision making process, or maybe the story of how God first ignited our passion for the northeast a few years ago, or maybe even telling the blog world about my husband's mission and vision for a church - something that still leaves me in awe. I pictured this blog going much differently, but since Nick blogged so candidly about his trip and his excitement for our new city last week - I'm going to start blogging about Boston by telling you how I came to take these sweet pictures of my girl in a new tutu.

I suppose I should go back just a smidge and tell you a little about the day this past christmas-season when Nick and I were talking (read: arguing) about Boston for like, the hundreth time. I knew his heart was to plant a church there, I knew we'd eventually end up there - I just didn't want to go NOW, as in this year. We'd only been in the northwest a year, I'd just started to make friends that I wanted to keep for a lifetime (and still will), and I really wanted to stay here - grow as a family and have an "easy" life. He was interviewing for a job that was sort of both of our dreams for him, and yet - he was still feeling unsettled, like we needed to go now. During said "discussion", he challenged me to pray with him for a week and see if the Lord would change my heart. I love him & I love Jesus and so, I took his challenge - pretty sure that Jesus would tell him I was right and he was wrong. Three days of prayer in, I knew I wasn't going to be so lucky.

So now, almost three months later, we've started this crazy process and begun to tell friends and family. He's been to Boston to visit and talk and see the city, I've started to look at homes online for us. But crap, I still have to leave these great people. I hate leaving places - we JUST left Charlotte and I'm still getting over that. Now we do have Sirk, who deserves a blog herself, and her love and friendship is assuring and hopeful - but moving with just one friend is a little terrifying, especially when you're a lover of lady fellowship like myself.

Enter Michelle, her husband Pastor Dave, her son Elias and her daughter Piper Glory (yes, that's for real). They are friends of Miss Sirk - which automatically makes them awesome, and she is what we like to call a ppwtb (pretty pastor's wife that blogs), and we started up a little internet friendship. That soon turned into me spending hours writing facebook messages with her about kids, how to keep marriage and love alive in ministry, families of origin, and Boston fashion - of course. Nick got to meet her & great Dave last week and while I was sorely jealous, I was so enthralled to hear Nick talk about them - her awesome voice, his sound ministry ideas, their potty training plans, and the like.

Now to the tutu. It's a sleepy Saturday & I'm on the phone with my sister trying to convince her to be a guest blogger on here and I see Nick holding up this precious tutu! What?! I love tutus, I've only written 2,056 blogs about them & I've yet to buy one for my girl - but I love them nonetheless. I immediately yell "Where is that from?!" and he very plainly answered,
"... a good friend".

Right he was, as soon as I got off the phone, I not only found the precious tutu but also a sweet notecard, an amazing piece of art done by one Elias for the other, and a written story that did actually bring some tears to my eyes. It was all about her tiny Eli asking if he could "pick treshy (thats me) up in my hands and bring her to my house". ah. Too much. So we promptly started coloring something for the Eli from Boston and put gloriana in her new duds and took six thousand pictures. But tonight I'm going to just say some prayers for Sirk, Michelle, Dave, Elias, & Piper. Some big, big thank you prayers to Jesus. We're moving all the way across country (again) and leaving some good friends (again), but gaining some new ones and once again - Jesus has prepared the way.

Treshy's come, Eli. Get ready.


Jennie said...

i've been looking for houses online too! ha. I read Nick's blog and started looking for 3/4 bedroom places in Boston proper...any additional information about what you want or where you want would probably aid in my pursuit...ha.

Pinkie Winkie said...

I'm SO excited for you two and this amazing journey you're about to go on! But I'll really miss seeing your smiling face. Thank God you're obssesed with taking pictures and videos!!! :)

P.S. read your twitter-sorry, girl! this flu sucked!!

kellybollman said...

love you friend! I'll be praying. Tutu picks are gorgeous

michelle said...

treshy! this blog makes me want to come and pick you up in MY hands and bring you to boston NOW!

i just plain love and adore it. thank you for those kind words. they're having hallmark type effects on me. for serious.

and glory is a glamour girl in her tutu- as rough and tumble as she may be, you can't take the glam out of glor!