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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

glimpses from bible study

I tried the other night to write a blog about all the girls in our house/ministry update and it was too hard. This is for sure the most intensive period we've ever had here at New Beginnings and there are days when I really would love to hear what the Lord is up to, but mostly we just roll with. It just seems so crazy that when we're all winding down and getting ready to move on, the ministry would pick up and take off. However, we are all trying to finish strong.

When I tried to write about all FIVE of the girls living here, I couldn't write about them lovingly and humorously at the same time and I didn't want anyone reading my blog to be confused about the amount that we love these crazy preggos. Now they are crazy and there are some hilarious and frightening nights around here, often, but we love them like nuts and feel more passionate than ever about being poured out for them while we are still here.

Then last night at Bible Study I realized that I could probably just give you some hilarious little pictures without telling you ALLLLLL about them, and possibly compromising some identities.

So - since I've been on modified bedrest and Lauren has been picking up a ton of slack around the house, I decided to take on bible study with the ladies - since I can prepare and deliver from the couch. Last night, with my crazy pneumonia, it was the last thing I felt like doing - but nonetheless, we started. Rather than trying to study a book of the bible or an actual book, I decided to pick a biblical word/principal each week - research it & discuss it with them. This is also helpful because they're all on really different pages spiritually and it made it easier to meet on common ground. Last night we started with grace.

so, some tidbits:
- Our newest girl speaks actually 0% english. ZERO. But she is about the sweetest thing ever and she was by far the most attentive, watching me, smiling and nodding her head. She even laughed a few times, apparently I am funny when I talk about Jesus.
- Our most intensive-spiritual-work-to-be-done-girl is a harcore muslim who snuck out of her house when she found out she was pregnant (three weeks before she delivered) in fear that her family might actually kill her for being pregnant. She literally stood up & walked out of bible study upon first mention of Jesus Christ. I have to say, while I wish she would have sat around to hear the word, I'm glad that she is not lukewarm.
- One time when discussing other religions, we were mentioning the "works" other gods require for salvation - i.e. animal sacrifices, praying five times daily, sinless living. One of the girls said, "oh yeah - and like kicking stuff. you know how some religions require you to kick stuff to go to heaven". I wish this girl didn't speak english & she had an excuse. Not so.
- At one point I was trying to give an example of how hard it is to forgive people when they hurt you and gave a personal example about a time someone had hurt me and it felt worse than murder. One of the girls looked at me knowingly and said, "ooooooh - he got a piercing?". Apparently piercing is worse than murder. (this girl also has had a tongue ring since age 10)
- At the end of it all, I have to say, I was amazed at how effective our little bible study was. One girl asked to be excused to get something to write with, only one person left in the middle, and at the end they all seemed to grasp the idea of being saved by grace, but only through faith.

If you think of it, keep praying for our ministry. I don't talk about it a ton on the blog, for their privacy & my sanity, but it is a hard job that is proving more and more worth it each day. Of all five, we're not sure that any of them know Christ personally and the process of birth/mothering/adoption is one of the greatest opportunities to share His grace & salvation.

either way: I'll keep the funny bible study stories coming for sure.

1 comment:

suzannah said...

what a grace-filled ministry. you are doing true Kingdom work--and i LOVE to hear about christians who are doing something tangible, real and loving to encourage hurting women to choose life/adoption.

may you feel better soon!