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Thursday, February 5, 2009

so apparently, today is the day.

This morning when I went to get E out of his crib, his pants were totally off and his diaper was on the ground. Hmpphhhh.

Then, when we brought out the potty this morning - the diaper was off before I could get the potty out of the box and now - he's refusing to put it back on.

Apparently, without much hype from us - Elias has decided it is potty training time. So far we've had one accident and while the idea of sitting on the potty is a little scary - having daddy sit with us helps a lot!

...we'll keep you updated.


Hi, I'm Amy! said...

My friend Claudia's little boy did the same thing. One day he decided that he didn't like his diaper! Yay for little boy bloomers. Soooo cute!!!

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

But... once you get him trained, aren't you going to have to move on to a big boy bed... so he can get out to go to the bathroom when he needs to? Oooooh, scary :)That's a totally easy and fun switch!

kellybollman said...

hey girl! i'm cheering you on from SC. I left a slighly lengthier comment on the other post. Love you!

sirkalicious so delicious said...

omg look at his little underwear butt. i can't even take it.

nice hat nick.

Nick said...

I am already converting SIRK.