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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

idol brackets

So, last year Nick and I joined the Stinsons & the Cowans doing an Idol draft bracket to pick our winner. Of course this year - we had to follow suit. (Nick wants me to mention that HE won last year) As often happens, a hilarious email chain started. I decided that the chain should be made into blog form. 42 emails were exchanged today... about American Idol. Or, just general nuttiness. I may need to skip a few, I mean - 42?

Nick: Jasmine anyone... She is still in it right...Gaylord Focker's kid (jorge is the only one off right?). I will just write her in.
Kalle: so nick is clearly not even watching this year
Nick: Kalle...put this on your wall and frame it. (he attaches his picks)
Kalle: nick, you are crazy if you think that weird dancing megan is going to make it to number two. she was in the bottom last week! but i do agree with you on danny.
Nick: Kalle you are sleeping on Megan.
Kalle: the idol expert has spoken
Jason: not sure she was actually in the bottom... but they did drag her out there and compare her to the girl who was... or was she actually? i don't remember them saying that.
ps. when did shawn get taken off the thread?
Kalle: lol that's hilarious. where DID shawn go. I guess we kicked him off for the insane assumption that jason had time to do a point bracket. what was he thinking??
you're right. i stand corrected. i dont think they ever said it was the official bottom two. I just thought that's what that meant. If she makes it to the last two I'll kill myself.
Jessi: I love her crazy weirdo dancing.
Nick: I hope she dances all night long...all night...all night long..
Jason: i hate it. and won't be happy if she makes it far either.
Nick: They will clean her up do not worry...Can we talk about the real problem and that is ADAM! Make-up aside he screams like an 80's big hair band...I want to throw up in my mouth every time!
Jason: ditto. gross. the makeup is like cake.
Kalle: I really really really dislike him. I actually hate the sound of his voice and do not understand why the judges are so about him. I mean, yea he has a range, but so do I-it's called screaming.
Jessi: I hate adam too. He needs to go to a29 bootcamp. Also, I now strongly dislike kalle because I just realized she was emailing all of you as she pretended to be involved in our phone conversation. Hm.
Kalle: i am dying laughing right now. For the record jessi I am in incredible multi tasker and was listening to everything you said. i was intensely involved in our convo. I prob sent this while you were denying your son another snack:)
and i do not think they would let him in boot camp due to the graphic same sex make out session pictures of him that are circulating the internet
Kalle: are we still friends jessi? i know sometimes these email chains make you nervous that we have now all officially divorced each other...but now i'm the one who is worried.
Jessi: Ill let you sit & wonder like I always do.
Jason: drama.
what if we men did this. nick, are we still friends? you said i was mean. me so sad. you hate me. i hate you now.
are we still friends?
Nick: I am dying laughing.
Jason: wait, you didn't use an exclamation point. does this mean you mean it in a flat toned way meaning that you didn't like what i said? did i hurt your feelings? are we still friends?
Kalle: first I'd like to say though you are really nailing me right now bc I have actually thought some of those very things.(ie you didn't use an exclamation point, are you mad?) you have also basically made us women out to be five year olds. "me so sad" ?? come on. We can still use correct sentence structure even in our highly emotional states.
Jessi: Agreed, kalle!!!!:)
We are very emotionally fueled and socially responsible women who are capable & needed:):)!!!!
Xoxo! Lylas.
Jason: sorry, didn't mean to make you sound like 5 year olds. that was more me just being lazy. and i am only messing around anyway! love you all and love the random silly threads that always develop.
Kalle: And now I feel very certain that we are friends again due to all the exclamation points and smiley faces! Thank you for reuniting us Jajon
Jason: nick, in case there was any confusion from before, let me settle it like this: lylab
Kalle: LOL jason, I dare you to make that your signature on all your emails.
Jason Cowan Starbucks


kalle said...

funnnnnnyyyy. and also a bit embarrassing that we did actually send 42 emails about this. i'm pretty sure I was suppose to be doing some important work then...

Nick said... not think this is funny or even interesting to normal people who are not like us...

I am just saying...

kalle said...

well it might be interesting or funny in the point and laugh kind of way nick...

and maybe more people than you think have these kinds of opinions about american idol

Angela and Devin said...

this is AH-mazing. love you guys.

for the record: I will always love Anoop.

Rachel said...

For the record Nick I find this quite funny and interesting and I've never even met 3 of the people involved. It's mostly interesting to me because I haven't seen one episode of American Idol so I get to create images of these people in my head. It's funny because I think I have had similar email threads about various topics with friends and it's so nice to see we aren't the only crazy ones.

Also, I love that Lylas was thrown in. :)

Nick said...

You are all crazy...

Mere said...

I think that Adam guy is crazy! He seriously scares me, and Craig likes to try and imitate him, which is even scarier. I hope he's kicked off next, I can't take him much longer.

Thanks for the laugh; y'all crack me up!

staci said...

i think it's funny & i hate adam. especially this week. johnny cash probably turned over in his grave.
kalle sometimes you never use exclamation points. now i'm REALLY going to read into it.

indingro-the skin fungus my patient had growing in one of his fat folds

kalle said...

lol about the exclamation points stabi. I dont use them bc sometimes I think they can be overused. I prefer the ":)" you should only be nervous if i don't use one of those.

p.s. see nick! everyone thought this was funny and worthwhile:)

kellycowan said...

i'm glad i didn't write anything and get on your famous website with quotes and stuff. :) SOME people have better things to do!!!!

Nick said...

Amen Kelly...

Kalle, Kelly is always right...except if it has to do with my wife..then Jess is always right.

ktabs said...

Adam really does suck. And so does his makeup. And so does his hair. And also his pants. I could keep going. Anoop is great. And so are Michael and Danny. And Scott.

ok that's it. do you guys have gmail? It would make a 42 email "conversation" fun. ya'll are hilarious.