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Thursday, April 16, 2009


How many best, best, best friends do you make in a lifetime? 
Not a ton if you're me. 

But my freshman year in college, I was sitting in the GMP at USC and I saw this cute little girl with a blue t-shirt and glasses on. I thought, hmmmm... she looks fun. 
I think like two days later she spent a few hours in my dorm room and I may have even cut her hair..... seems risky now, but it turned out for the best. 

Thinking about Mere makes my want to cry a little tear, and not just because of pregnancy hormones. We have some AMAZING memories and the Lord has really bonded our hearts together - despite being thousands of miles apart & having utterly different lives. She is so faithful to pursue me when I'm busy or forgetful and a phone conversation with her once a week or a coffee date once every few months does my heart some great good. 

She was my maid of honor, I was her matron. I once carried her on my back for like a mile to surprise her for a surprise birthday party. We have honestly laughed more together than anyone else maybe in my whole life, maybe even my husband. She hates onions and that makes me die laughing. Her, Nick, and I were the original threesome. I have a feeling we both still have the same signature dance move. I can't wait to hold her babies or for her to hold mine, for that matter. She once bought me a prenatal massage when I was like six billion months preggo with Elias and it made my whole pregnancy. One time when I was dying from taking too many laxatives, she didn't care and went to sleep, hmph. She loves Jesus a ton and we love to talk about Him together. I love that girl something fierce. 

So, not only am I moving a whole united states closer to her, but she's got serious roots in Boston - so we're sure to be seeing one another a lot more. This makes my heart more glad than she will ever know. Happy Birthday, Meredith. 


Mere said...

Oh, I love you, and this DEFINITELY made my birthday! The reminder about the giving me a piggy back also made me die laughing b/c that was probably the funniest birthday celebration ever! You forgot to mention how I was blindfolded while giving me the piggy back, and you about had a heart attack trying to carry me up those stinkin brick stairs! The neighbors probably must have thought we were crazy if they saw us. I love you so so so much!!!

Mere said...

Oh, and to also defend myself... the time i ignored your laxative emergency was the same night you and Sallie Ruth spent about five hours making up ridiculous names and dying laughing, all while I was trying to sleep. I didn't have any sympathy at that point...