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Friday, May 29, 2009

keeping it real.

Here are the facts:
- Nick and I are in bed, at our house, watching Seinfeld like every night.
- Our big babes are in their beds, peacefully dreaming. They've been a sweet, hot, mess for the past few days - knowing that things aren't all that normal, but not all that bad either (since they've had a great Nonny to love & spoil them).
- Benjamin is in the NICU, a few miles away, and while it was hard to leave him tonight - his pleasant little sleeping face assured me that he'd be fine till the morning, when we'll hopefully get to bring him home.
- We're all of a sudden a family of five. That's a blessing I don't quite understand yet.
- While we were in busy meeting & caring for Benjamin, Gloriana decided to start walking! I don't mean she is taking a few steps, she is a WALKER. Crazy!
- While you might think the third c-section in two years would mean you get the hang of something, you'd be wrong. This one has been a doozy & this mama is struggling.
- We're REALLY, really thankful for all the sweet calls & emails, blog comments, and facebook messages from friends and family. I feel like we've been barely awake for the past two days, so thanks for loving on us.
- I told Nick today I can't wait for some random day, like two Tuesdays from now. When Benjamin is home & a normal part of our family, when the big babes aren't so worried that we might take off again for a few days and know we're here to stay, when my post-surgery body can cuddle up beside him or sit indian-style on the floor during play time. There are some challenges ahead, but also a lot of fun. I'm really excited to start this adventure.


Alexandra said...


Congratulations!!! I am so stoked for your family - all 5 of you! Thank you for sharing your life on here. Praying for your recovery, Nick and the bigger kiddos and your Benjamin (LOVE the name). Cannot wait to meet him. - Lexi

michelle said...

eeeee! i'm so excited to hear about the journey from four to five...just in case ;)

The Noy Maker said...

Congratulations guys! It is an adventure but one that is crazy, awesome, exciting, memorable, and amazing! We wouldn't have ours any other way and I'm sure you will soon agree! What a blessing! If you need anything let us know!