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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

prayer please

Hello, blogger friends.

Would you pray for our Gloriana today?
She is having a really minor surgery on a most-likely benign cyst on her eye -
and while it's minor, it's still surgery & it's still our baby girl.

I'm sure I'll be updating twitter with little progress reports on her,
so feel free to check in there! (on the left side of the blog or here)
Hopefully we'll be home by tonight and reunited with the family!

Thanks ya'll!


Amy said...

I hope it all goes well. Better than well actually. I'll be checking twitter for updates :) And prayers, check!

Annie said...

Praying for that sweet baby girl...and her Mommy and Daddy.

Pinkie Winkie said...

praying. thanks for updating!

Angela and Devin said...

i had the exact same thing done when i was two ;-) praying for smooth sailing...sure it will be just fine. LOVE.