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Saturday, June 6, 2009

I need a market tote, baaad.

gas drops
baby doll
size one diapers
size five diapers
size four diapers
burp rags
c-section medicine
hooter hider
glory's bow
the random shoe that glory took off
water bottle
passy for benjamin
oh yeah, cell phone
animal crackers
milk cups one and two

That's my list. I think, in full. (it's always growing) The things I genuinely need to take care of the three of these sweet children. This week I've mastered getting the three of them up the stairs without busting my c-section wide open, but I cannot get all the accoutrements upstairs or downstairs or in the kitchen or out of the bathroom with the babes too.

So I started to remember seeing mamas carrying these great little handy buckets. And I started looking, and looking, and looking (online, of course) for where I could find one.
I need one like, yesterday.

So while I'd really like this one from The Container Store....

I'm going to settle for this one from, since it's about $15 cheaper.
Thank you Lord for market totes.


christy said...

you gotta get a "boat and tote" bag from ll bean. The best! So many sizes and you can personalize it. I use them all. the. time. those market totes just aren't BIG enough for me!

michelle said...

please tell me: what is a hooter hider?!

Nick said... hides hooters.


Angela and Devin said...

oh man. i have one that i don't use....but it has a "V" embroidered on could think of the vaughans when you use it!

michelle said...

bow HOW does it hide them...and what are they hiding FROM, nick??


suzannah said...

oh man, i do not envy your diaper bag which has to be all that and then some...yowza!

ps, i love my hooter hider. genius. (hehe--my word verification is "wideflsh"--exactly what i like the hider to cover--besides the hooters;)