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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i should be sleeping

Benjamin is working out some gas, Nick is watching Man vs. Wild, and
I should be sleeping - but I'm too excited to sleep!
(warning, I told you I don't have a lot going on - so don't expect something earth shattering)

I did end up venturing out tonight, without baby or kiddos, to take a quick trip to Walmart to return some diapers & look around for a minute. I have to say, the goods at wally world so impressed me, I decided to blog about it.

For barely any money, I got two really nice pair of workout pants and a cute little summer dress! I have to say, if you look, Walmart has amazing clothes for psycho-cheap prices. Here are some examples of things I didn't buy - but found online:

Both of those were $15 or under, crazy right?
And there kids clothes are honestly really cute for about half the price of Target.
Walmart, you impress me.


The Noy Maker said...

I agree about the clothes! They have improved over the years for sure!
On another note...I was totally on a high after Moses for almost a month! It was crazy! It was like an adrenaline rush that kept me going without being super tired! Enjoy each precious moment b/c as you know, the moments pass by all too quickly! Being a mom of 3 is awesome and so is being a mom to 4! I'm asking God does it keep getting better with each one?! I swear the blessings over flow daily!

michelle said...

walmart does rock. i find they have way cuter girl clothes than boy clothes (around here, anyway). and they always have headbands and cute barrettes.

Amy said...

Maybe it's just the Wal mart here... but the little boy clothes are hideous! Everything has some sort of character on it. I can handle a little bit of that, like 1 shirt but not a whole Mickey Mouse themed outfit & shoes. Barf. I'm jealous that yours has some descent shiz.

N. Toft said...

just checked out the website for the first time in my life and it blew me away. look out world, this girl's gonna be wearing some new shirts soon!