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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

bring it, year five

We celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary two nights tonight early since we'll be moving on our anniversary date-day. To be honest, taking a shower and getting re-dressed and leaving Benjamin for an extended amount of time was about the last thing I wanted to do after a long day of child-wrangling and home-packing. I'm so glad I did.

He knew we might need a little supernatural help to get into date-mode, so he prayed for us as we drove out our sleepy farm "neighborhood". About five minutes into the car ride I told Nick, what happened today and what will happen tomorrow doesn't matter so much when I'm alone with him, and I definitely meant it. When we talk and pray and laugh, I feel so much closer to Jesus - so much more near to the Lord. So much more at home.

So, we summed up some things:
a) Year four was hard. There were definitely high points, there were many low points, but by God's grace - we are stronger & closer.
b) I think I may have suckered Nick into promising to take me to Hawaii for our five year anniversary. Neither of us are beach people and he has always said he would never go to Hawaii because it's too cliche, commercial, & cheesy. And honestly, I've never wanted to go either till now. I want to go to Hawaii and do all the cheesy & cliche things. I would like drinks brought to me on the beach & I want flower creations on my bed when the maids clean the room, ok? We're going to start saving soon for our little trip. Nonny and Ruby, do you want to babysit?
c) Year five is going to be amazing. How could it not be?
We're going to Hawaii.


Nick said...

I said we will see! I am still voting for Cuba, Puerto Rico or somewhere cool like that...

BUT I wanna do what you want to do and be where you are!

You better like Spam.

Mere said...

We have about 3 or 4 books for Hawaii that we can give you... you know how Craig plans for things. We loved it though!! You must go and enjoy all the beautiful beaches and sunsets there.

Bird said...

Okay, I am a total lurker who does not know you, but I do know Candice Lanning and that's how I found your blog. You are awesome, by the way.

My husband and I went to Hawaii for our five year anniversary. We went to Kauai, and I would highly recommend it. It is the least "touristy" and you can still enjoy some cheesy things but a lot of other things as well. On our way to Kauai we visited Waikeke, and it was way too commercial for us. Kauai is the garden island, and there are waterfalls and you can swim in lava pools, and there are tons of beaches but you can drive the whole island and explore them. You can also tour the NaPali coast by boat. Lots of movies were shot there, which I loved, because I'm a celebraholic.

Milovy said...

Happy 4 years! It goes by so fast doesn't it?
I love Hawaii. I want to go there for my 5 years too. Or Costa Rica.

michelle said...

i've been to puerto rico and it has the charm of spain AND the white sandy beaches of the caribbean. utter utopia if you're into cobblestone roads, stucco, and turquoise ocean. it's quite affordable, too.
hawaii is off the charts beautiful, though. my parents went and the pictures were stunning. i mean, they film LOST there- hello?!
congrats on 4 years! doesn't it just keep getting better and better?!

Jennie said...

4 years! Where does the time go? You guys were my first "friend" wedding...easily the best centerpieces I've seen-- and I've been to a lot of weddings since then. You should always be able to eat your centerpieces. It's become a personal rule.

N. Toft said...

That is so funny, i just had my very first hankering to go to hawaii too. Something about everyone's summer honeymoon pics this year made me want a honeymoon. I remember the Milanis were going to "Nick and Jessi's wedding" right after ours in July 05. (I was like, "Oh! Like the Lacheys, the Newlyweds!")Well, apparently that was you :)

christy said...

Hawaii is the best. most romantic. and you can drink the water without getting sick. It is really heaven on earth. PS-I think maui is better than Kauai for you guys and what you want in a vacation.

Leigh said...

I cannot believe it has been 4 years. Crazy, it really seems like just two summers ago not four. You were the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. I really don't think anyone will top you in that department until my daughter some day!

InthemiddleofLIFE said...

of course we will. I'm answering for Ruby but don't think she'll mind:)