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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

decorating plan

Here is our semi-settled, and yet to be decorated living room.
You will find the legend to the decorate plan below.

- Where the navy blue arrow is, I would like to place an antique/recycled
oval mirror that is painted dusty renovation blue.
- Where the pale yellow arrow is pointing, I would like to have a side table
that I sand & repaint romantic rustic yellow.
- Where the bold yellow arrow is directing your attention, I would like to hang
some colorful printed drapes, perhaps like these - but on massive clearance.
- And lastly, where you find the multicolor pink arrows - I would like
visiting friends and family to share a cup of coffee with me.


Angela said...

LOVE it. sounds great, looks beautiful....soo glad you guys are settling into YOUR place. Big love and hugs.

staci said...

very nice. i'd like to be a pink arrow. i read in better homes & gardens (my new favorite magazine that i mysteriously started receiving) that old bed spreads & sheets can be transformed into cheap curtains by attaching some hooks. like shower hook-esque ones i guess? or clips?

Jennie said...

Staci and Jess--
I've done that ! It does work like a charm-- they have clips especially for it. I turned a pair of queen sheets in to great curtains during my senior year of college.

Mere said...

oh how i wish i could be one of those pink arrows right now... if only i could learn how to teleport!

Nick said...

You are hilarious. This is the funniest thing I have ever seen.

This looks like Interior Design according to John Madden. I do not know whether I have seen this on Monday Night Football, or if I actually live in this house.

I love this about you.

Milovy said...

Love it