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Saturday, July 4, 2009

some pics

Today is July 4th, also known as my best friend's birthday.
The big Cowans hosted a big old cookout at their lake house, but I got no good pics of
the bday girl. It was much, much fun. After I got some updated Benj pics.

he was telling me to "hush, mama".

in the south, we would call this "husky"

whose smile is that? can you place it?

you know, just laughing.

this picture is the definition of why my life is great.


the party.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

ps: Nick and I just looked at this blog together & I seriously couldn't stop myself from laughing - dying laughing. Seriously? That picture of Glory?! What I forgot to add is that about 2 hours before we left, Glory hit her "crazy place" and just sort of growled at anything that moved and ran us both ragged. That picture defines her sassy side. Nick and I spent a good few minutes just giving our own caption of what Glory was thinking. Some suggestions:
"I told you not to take my picture in a bathing suit!'
"I will CUT you."


Nick said...

Maybe Benjamin could wear bugle boy like me when he gets older. I think they were the only brand that carried a 'husky' size.

Angela said...

haha. love everything about this post and nick's comment. you guys are the best. i love enjoying your babies with you!

hugs all around.

InthemiddleofLIFE said...

i will CUT you, definitely! That is Miss Glory, aka bon qui qui.
The smile - def. Glorianna's - but thank goodness not the attitude. One is quite enough, don't cha think? miss them! (and you two of course)

lauren said...

What kind of camera do you have? I love how crisp and colorful all of your pictures turn out!

Lauren said...

Jess, I think Benjamin looks just like you. Call me crazy, but sheesh. What are your thoughts about the n/j ratio in Benjamin?

Oh man, us middle girls in between two brothers are sassy. I was much sassier in my younger days, and I didn't even have lip gloss to boost the confidence:)

These pictures are helping me grasp Glory in her current state. I'm still pretty sure her motto is, "I don't get NO respect".


Milovy said...

I will CUT you - that made me laugh so hard!

rachael kincaid said...

I just showed Chris the amazing chunky Benjamin series of shots...He kept saying, "cheeseburgah CHEESEBURGAH" over and over. We love him!

Amy G-side said...

CUT it! Miss you so much!