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Monday, August 10, 2009

this week's dinners

Here's what we're eating this week, WHAT ARE YOU EATING? 
(I need ideas for next week)

monday: my own special chicken concoction
shredded chix
whole wheat pasta
pasta sauce
olives (cause Glor likes them)

tuesday: breakfast for dinner
eggs (except Glor cause she's allergic)
whole wheat pancakes, with chocolate chips for the babes
bacon (I love lowcarb dining) 

wednesday: turkey meatloaf (made in muffin tins for kidfriendlyness) 
& cornbread

thursday: turkey dogs & french fries
(just to keep it real) 
and also, some southern chili to throw on top of
the hot dogs. 

friday: taco salad
(my favorite food in the whole world) 

lowcarb-wise, I'll be eating grilled chix & spinach salads, obvi.
frozen berries & whip cream, and string cheese when I can steal it from Elias. 
If you come to my house for a playdate this week, you'll probably get blueberry muffins with some other fun item thrown in (chocolate chips, bananas, or granola if you're lucky). 

And the grocery bill this week will come to.....
Much lower this week due to a grocery run made by Pop & Kiki before they left last week and due to me starting to use coupons! I have to say, I've scoured all the coupon websites and weekly ads and it's hard to find coupons for staples, which is what I cook mostly with... but I'm trying nonetheless! (you are definitely right, Suzannah!!) 

ok, seriously - what are you guys eating? 


lauren said...

What are the best coupon websites? I've started clipping coupons from the paper and I'm always looking for more!!

Anonymous said...

Here is a good website:

~andrea :)

Abby DeVore said...

This is what we eat once a week in the summer--so easy, tasty, etc.:

cooked chick. br. cut into chunks
a little mayo
red grapes cut in half
cashews cut in half
Uncle Bens "Long Grain and Wild Rice" (original recipe)
Mix together and serve with wheat thins, lettuce cups, or whatever you want. Get some baby carrots and hummus and your set!

Milovy said...

leftover veggie enchiladas
mozrella/tomato salad with pesto green beans
gnocchi with garlic sauce and zuchinni
grilled veggie burgers with red pepper and avacado

what are the best coupon sites?

indyhumes said...

Nothing too exciting (in an effort to save time and money)

Monday -Chicken Stir Fry
Tuesday-Turkey Spaghetti
Wednesday-Grilled Chicken Caesar Salads
Thursday-Chicken Tacos
Friday-pizza and movie night
Saturday- Grilled/marinated Chicken tenderloins, rice and veggies
Sunday night-grilled cheese and baked chips

See the theme of chicken here? My family makes fun of me and says I am like Forrest Gump...except with chicken instead of shrimp! But it is to save money! One bag of tenderloins goes a long way!:)

jill said...

salmon patties & sweet potatoes
chicken casserole
bean dip & nachos
chicken & yellow rice (saffron rice)
feta cheese spinach roll

and all the fresh vegetables i can possibly steam and get my husband to eat (not to mention a toddler)
...i spend abo $75/wk at the store

Jamie Thomas said...

Keep sending the menus, I love ideas!

Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!

suzannah said...

30 bucks? nice job!

i cleaned up my coupon file the other day after a long summer of non-use. (we're still eating at camp, but "real life" starts up again next week:) do you have one of those? they're extremely helpful. i get the sunday paper, and i can usually find coupons for some staples/healthy foods like pasta, canned/frozen fruits and veggies, bagged salad, cheese, yogurt, and bread. often, i'll have coupons for several brands of an item, and usually one will be on sale, and i'll use that one. it "pays" to be brand disloyal:)

good luck figuring out what works best for you--and i like reading others' menu ideas and recipe links.

ooh, one thing that i'm meaning to do is freeze this summer's fruit for fall/winter, since in season fresh is usally cheaper than frozen, even on sale with coupons.

rachael kincaid said...

Just to add to the kid-friendly easy stuff...

--sloppy joes (ground turkey, whole wheat buns)
--corn on the cob (I blanched and froze a ton)
--spaghetti (giant pot of sauce feeds us all week, and we use stuff from our garden)
--fun sandwiches (melts, or lots of fixins)

love you!