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Friday, August 28, 2009

winds of change.

This morning I told Nick that I felt like the "flash-forward" version of myself.
If we were in a sitcom a few years ago and thinking about marriage and children, I would've had a flash forward and imagined the worst - myself, but not myself. 
No makeup, many babies running around, desheveled - with glasses on and coffee in hand. 

Thankfully - I know this version is absolutely not the worst version of myself, it's a bump in the road for sure - but right where Jesus wants me. The picture that I wanted to be here: a successful, peaceful, beautiful, luxurious mama is not really the goal I'm after any more. When Glory charges at me from across the room, or Elias cudddles up next to me, or when Benj dies laughing at me - they really like what they see, and that's good. 

Anyhow, my realization that I'm living in the flash-forward has kicked my little (hahahahahaha) rear into gear. It's time to use what I've got. I don't have a ton of money so I can't go buy a new wardrobe. I also can't quite decorate my house the way I'd like to, but I can absolutely improvise with what I've got in the closet and plan how I'd love to affordably decorate once we're able. 

So, here is step 1: 
(me wearing earrings that are not my normal pearls 
& a pre-pregnancy shirt I dug out of my closet) 
(and 2/3 of the cutest kids in the world) 

Step 2 is inspiration: 

(some websites I've been perusing)
(and my friend Kim's house. If you know Kim B., tell her to start a blog PLEASE)

So that's where I'm starting.
  Earrings and inspiration. 


Marisa said...

jessi a friend of mine is a talented artist (different stuff, but still very cool) and she has a blog that is all do-it-yourself type stuff. check it out :)

Lauren said...

hiii j. check out

they have a do-it-yourself section that is super helpful. love you.

wight people said...

Leaps and bounds!

kim said...

Ha! I'm too busy reading all of my lovely friend's blogs to write my own! Maybe if you make my cute little blog banner thingy, I would.
I'm quite flattered that you would mention my house.'s a long work in progress. We've been here almost 4 years!
I am so inspired by you going and putting on new (old) things that you already have. there's a reason why you picked out those things in the first place! you go girlfriend.