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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

project rehabilitation updated to-do list

(project rehabilitation phrase I use in my head to describe my fervent desire to undo three years of pregnancy, a year and a half of farm-living, & a life that doesn't remember high-heels) 

- begin p90x and sweat thru a workout each day
- quit fad diets and start eating clean - 5 small meals a day of healthy, natural food
- start wearing more earrings than just your pearls or blue flowers
- start wearing more earrings than just your pearls, blue flowers, or dangly metal ones
- wear shoes other than rainbows or tennis shoes atleast once a week
{sublist: - research hair masks again
-  pull out the velcro rollers, 
- wash three times in one week rather than twice}
- read some sort of magazine once a day to connect with culture
(thank you to my magazine benefactor, Jackie)
- paint nails & toenails matching color, preferably the cute 
orangey-red you saw in the nursing mom's room today
- try some outfit layering like cute Marcy at church today
- pull out the prepregancy clothes this week and pack up the maternity clothes. It's scary, but it must be done - even if they don't fit all the way yet, just do it. Hmph. 

It's going to be quite a busy week for me. 


The Noy Maker said...

Love your posts Jessi! Speaking of hair...Every time I have a child, I grow a new hair line! They are micro bangs and NOT cute! Not to mention the fact that my hair before children was sooooo straight and NEVER needed to be dried b/c it would dry perfect! After babes, I have this weird texture thing going on with some frizz/wave/straight! Kind of humorous but hey, every child with worth the hair "issues" right?! lol.

Anonymous said...

I've followed your blog for a while and (along with all the others I follow) never comment. But, out of all design and photography and creative blogs I read, your's is my fave, so I thought I'd let ya know.
Im nineteen and suffering through college(hah), but I love what you have to say about life. So interesting and real- makes it look fun and adventurous to me a mother.
Great job, thanks

marcy said...

Two things.

A) You are sweet. (thanks for the compliment)

B) I love your lists!