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Saturday, October 24, 2009

fantasy fall fashion

Don't know why I torture myself, but a girl can dream.

who doesn't love a graphic tee?

these boyfriend jeans are much better than my too big maternity jeans rolled up
yes, please.


I can't even speak about the awesomeness above. Can't even speak.

for playdates.

for fantasy swanky husbanddates.

with a longsleeve white tee, hush please.

add a cardigan, gain some goodness.

leggings & a long tank top and I'm in love.

just classicly great.

horizontal stripes are for everyone, don't believe the rumors.

Everything from Forever21, all under $30.
Go get em' ladies.


Angela said...


Jennie said...

oh boy.

Marisa said...


kim said...

i really didn't need to see that. but, i do think i need that "play-date" military sweatshirt thing...suuuuper cute.