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Thursday, October 29, 2009

let's get down to business

This is the official explanation of Naptime Diaries Designs.
Are you ready?

Thankfully, my husband insists on doing the working-outside-the-home in our family. These three kiddos keep me plenty busy and I do not want another job, ever. 

However, long before I was the wiper of noses and the soother of teethers and the changer of diapers, I had some fun jobs where I got play with creativity and use design to make people smile and I loved doing that too. With three kids and a husband to serve, time is limited, but I'd love to use some of that time to use design again. To make people feel loved, to make people excited, heck - to excite my self sometimes!

Also, come on - it wouldn't hurt the travel-home-for-christmas budget. 

It started with blog headers when I realized that it didn't take me too long to make them and they made my blog feel friendlier and more pleasing to look at. And it's snowballed from there! So here is an official list of things I know that I'm willing to work on.....
blog headers
small business logos
some web design
etsy logos & banners
engagement/wedding logos
event planning & set-up
personal logo & monogram design

But the truth is - I think I'm willing to try almost ANYTHING. I know my limits pretty well and I know the things I'm not good at, but I'd love to try all sorts of new ideas! So from personal shopping to party planning to any other random design project, I'd like to try it!

Here's the best part - because I'm just figuring it all out & finding my niche - you can hire me super, super cheap.
Christmas cards? Let me design them.
Holiday party? I'll help you from invitation to food display.
New baby? I'll do a monogram design that you can use on birth announcements, thank-you notes, & even turn into a wall decal for the nursery!

I'm going to keep unpacking this and blogging about it as I figure it out, but here are a few examples of what I've been up to.

a baby shower logo for sweet Annie!
(can be used in favors, decor, & thank you notes)
(modified the logo for food display)
a thanksgiving placecard

blog header for Suzannah

logo for mares-e-dotes art! 

a logo I made for Elias, that I hope to have
printed onto a wall decal! So great for learning the alphabet too!

sample christmas card

and.... another. 

shower logo for baby Bolder! cut them out & used them on favors!

ok, you get the drift. 
So - what creative project can I help you with?
Stage your living room? 
Plan a party? 
Paint your nails? Well... let's don't go that far. 
Email me & we'll work it out.


staci said...

jess this is awesome! youre so creative :)

Leigh said...

love everything! You better bet when we get these babies home you are going to be making some baby announcements. And I am thinking some wall decals might be purchased at some point as well :)

kellycowan said...

genius. totally your "thing", along with being gorgeous on the inside and out

Jamie said...

Jessi! This is so great! What programs are you using...and if you need anything to help you get started, I have some great resources! need to have a pricelist so I can see about using you for Birth Announcements!

kellybollman said...

um, I want 1)a blog header
2) possibly Christmas card
3) to have another baby, so they can have a logo

Rachel said...

I definitely have something in mind that I would LOVE for you to help out with. I will be emailing so we can work it out!

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Love, love, love your creativity! These are simply beautiful. Don't sell yourself short. Make sure you are getting enough $ to make doing this worthwhile. You work and time is worth it :)

mares-e-dotes said...

get it girl!

Brooke said...

ONE day when I get married, I will definitely hire you :) Love you! Brooke