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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Christmas Cards, round 1!

Ok - due to the great response from last week - I pumped out a few Christmas card samples for you all to see! Here is my thing about Christmas Cards: Ugh, I love them! BUT I find three major problems with them:
a) many premade cards don't have as many spots for pictures as growing families would like and
b) last year - I know about four families who sent out the same card we did from Costco which made me feel pretty unoriginal & like a copycat.
c) it is very hard to find a beautiful card that isn't totally cheesy.

So here's my answer to that great dilemma!
this is probably my favorite:

I love the vintage feel of this one. No goofy dancing candy canes here.

a little campy, lots of cute:)

LOVE this one.

I love the sweet feel of this one, especially if you don't want a picture -
but just some more thoughtful words.

Email me at for pricing or to request a custom order! The great thing about these is that you can spend as much as you want on printing them. You buy the high resolution picture & can print it anywhere you like - on photo paper at Costco or a super expensive boutique printing company. Or, let me handle all the details for you & have them just show up at your house.

Now, if Starbucks would just release the Christmas cups, I could put some Mariah Carey on and feel in the mood!

wait! great news for east coast friends!
*Also - all of our sample photos were done by The Beautiful Mess and the are offering a special discount if you book a christmas card photoshoot by this Friday, November 6th at midnight! Just mention you heard about it here & they will work their magic!
and that is my early Christmas present to ya'll.


Leigh said...

you are so talented. I love all of them! Hopefully next year we will be needing a cutie Christmas card!!

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about designing digitial scrapbook stuff? There are lots of websites that sell digital "papers" and other scrapbook elements created by different designers. Your ideas make lovely cards, but would also be great scrapbooks!

Candice {The Beautiful Mess} said...

yayayayayayay! :)

Dave and Rachel said...

Need a mom opinion...thinking about making my blog private what are your thoughts, are you nervous for info on your kids being on the web and their pictures. I have been kind of creeped out lately. I need other mom bloggers thoughts?
email me when you can.
thanks, Rachel