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Monday, November 30, 2009

weekend update

on Friday, every single one of our kids came down with the yuckiest cold ever.
(I've never seen so much snot)

also on Friday, we lit our first fire and had an at-home date.
(don't buy the coffee-flavored fire logs from Fred Meyer - they don't smell like coffee)


On Saturday, I got to go vintage/second-hand shopping with Marcy.
(greatest fun - and got this super cheap cardigan!)

I don't feel smug about the cardigan (or the shopping), as the picture suggests.
(I really feel giddy and excited and thankful! LIKE THIS!)

When I got home, Elias met me at the door and grabbed my hand and showed me THE TREE!
(We bought it the night before and they had just put it up)


I have officially never met someone who loves Christmas so much as Elias.
(So our family is even - two who love it, two who don't totally care. What will Benja be?!)

On Sunday, Nick got to go hear Shawn preach.
(More on their church later this week!)


Also, on Sunday - Glory got a pass out of the house of sickness for a quick daddy-daughter date.
(I think we all needed that)

While the Glor & Daddy were gone, Elias and I decorated!
(And they brought him back a treat!)

OH! we booked our tickets back East for Christmas! Hooray!
(December 25th through January 13th - atleast for the kids and I, Nick comes back a little early)


AND this morning Elias dressed him self for the first time completely by himself!
(and a little help with the buttons)

Happy Late Thanksgiving Y'all.
(he is sweeter than pumpkin pie)


Leigh said...

Hello cutie kids!!! goodness they are too much!

And I know you are going to be slammed catching up with your family the whole time you are back but i would even drive to have like 20 minutes of your time and to meet Benjamin. Seriously.

Angela said...

love love love this. really enjoyed this picture story! hope everyone is feeling better soon!

lauren said...

You're flying out on Christmas day? What time? We are, too... Maybe we'll see you at the airport!

John & Alison said...

Hi! I'm Tessie's sister and I thought I should come clean about how much I read your blog. Your posts have been so encouraging and you really challenged me to be consistent with quiet times. Thanks for all you share and do! Your kiddos are adorable! :)Alison

Jessi said...

Tessie's sister Allison - I've heard so much about you! Do you have a blog? I want to read yours! And of course, Leigh - we would LOVE to see you guys.