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Monday, December 14, 2009

another blog about food.

So, an amazing homemaker I am not.
What I am, is an excited-at-times-frustrated-homemaker-training.

One thing that has been super exciting to lately is cooking!
I really genuinely love it.
Planning it, buying the groceries, organizing my pantry and fridge (only to be unorganized in a mad dash for the kids milk in the morning), and getting in there and doing it.

Even when it's stressful, I like the puzzling puzzle of figuring when to put it in the crockpot if I won't have TIME set aside to cook and if my wonderful husband does give me time (aka - play "I get you" with the babes before dinner), I'm even more thrilled.

So in having this conversation with friends, the consensus was - more blogs should be written like this. Will you write one? Say what you're making this week and what ingredients you normally buy and we'll all glean inspiration from one another!

So here's whats on the menu this week:
the sweet potatoes in this recipe have Nick eager with anticipation!
(tues) Cranberry Pork in the crock pot & sweet potatoes
(also, we don't always eat this fancy - that is a special at home christmas date night!)
(noticing a trend?)
(thurs) Sandwhiches. Sorry, we have a fun family event planned:)
(saturday & sunday) Leftovers and Frozen Soup!

So, a note on these recipes.
I don't buy silly ingredients (or ingredients that seem silly to me).
Liquid Amino?
So, if you can't buy it at Trader Joe's - I usually don't use it.
Also, once I use a recipe once I almost never look at it again. Not because I'm some sort of memory genius, but because my husband has a super helpful palette and if I make a recipe from online - I'll ask him how he thinks it could be better, make the changes and write down our new recipe.
So, here is also my grocery list.
Things for recipes:
small serving of pork
sweet potatoes
rice noodles
soy sauce
coconut milk
red, orange, & yellow peppers
bean sprouts
pinto beans
northern beans
kidney beans
1 can tomatoes
frozen chicken breasts

things I almost always buy:
quick oats
string cheese
apple juice
orange juice
black tea
"just chicken" from TJ
spinach leaves
israeli couscous (I put it in everything, sorry Nick)
graham crackers
2 bunches bananas
animal crackers
shredded light mozzarella
2 loaves bread
2 nonfat plain yogurts
rice milk
TJ's cheerios
pumpkin granola
2 milks
frozen soy corn dogs for kids
frozen mini pizzas for kids
2 bags veggie chips
granola bars
2 bags of frozen berries

And that is like PERFECT for 8 days or so. I go shopping every Sunday so we start to build up a little reserve and then after about three weeks, I know I won't need to go grocery shopping for a whole week - we can just eat through everything and eat whatever I've frozen.

One more thing.
I'm trying to get us closer and closer to a mostly all natural, whole foods only, diet so if you have good old recipes like that - send them my way, please.

Happy Monday Everyone!


Leigh said...

oh super excited about this! and actually had a similar conversation with a friend this week, she just got married saturday and said once they get back from their honeymoon she expects to get emails with all the recipes for that week and the shopping list. Now I can just copy and paste yours ;)

Life with Kaishon said...

I saw your blog button somewhere tonight and I thought it was so beautiful! I had to click over and visit. What a nice site. Your suppers sound delectable! Especially the pork and cranberries. YUM!

erin said...

guh. let me just be honest and say that i really appreciate this stuff (again) and i'm frustrated that i cannot contribute to the collaboration. our shopping list is very similar: heavy on the thai, beans, and traderjoe/crockpot-usage etc but working at home leaves so little time to think/plan/have fun with it. so basically, i'm jealous of your food fun and i'm going to mooch off it and contribute nothing. ugh. sorry and thanks. (hey, I'll click on some of your BlogHer links :)

Milovy said...

I am going to do a blog post like this JUST FOR YOU this week.