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Sunday, December 20, 2009


I guess it started when Glory broke her arm.
I started doing a little, quick gasp if I heard something crash or someone cry.
(which happens a lot)
Then, the other day at the grocery store, they called my name over the loud speaker - my actual name, "Jessi Connolly - please come to customer service".
I literally dropped the items I was holding and started crying immediately and ran to the front of the store, sure that something had happened to Nick and the kids, who were on their way to pick me up. Imagine the poor guy who had to explain to me that I had just dropped my debit card.
That night, I broke two casserole dishes trying to make dinner.
The next morning, my heart stopped for a few minutes when I found my son coloring our (rented houses') kitchen cabinets with a big, black permanent marker.
(fyi: toothpaste gets out permanent marker)
And then today, we lost Elias at church for about five minutes. He had been playing with friends and just slipped away, and wasn't in any of his usual spots. In about thirty seconds, I went to pieces. JUST went NUTS.
(sorry for anyone I encountered during those minutes)

So, I suppose you could say I'm a bit frazzled.
Sadly that's the last way I want to feel tonight. With doctor's appointments, a party to host, a million bags to pack, about twenty presents to wrap, kids to get across the country, & a massive trip to organize - I truly wish that I could be the picture of peace - instead of the one standing at the sink - breathing slowly in and out, with trembling hands.

Well, here is my gameplan.
The scripture I'm praying for 2010 is found in Isaiah 32 and I'm going to start a little early with verse 17.

And the effect of righteousness will be peace,
and the result of righteousness, quietness and trust forever.

So, my prayer for Christmas is no longer to get through it while still being "the lady of the house". My prayer is that in the midst of the crazy next few weeks, He would continue to grow fruit. Righteousness that produces peace, quietness, & trust. I don't want to just get by and collapse on the couch at night - I want to be what my family needs & one that my Lord can use.

How about you? Are you frazzled? Frenzied? Exhausted?
I don't have any organization tips.
My friend Lauren (who is a WONDERFUL mother) says that her mom says,
"If you want to be a good mom, just love Jesus".
So I'm going to walk in that.

This week - if you want to be a good host, guest, daughter, worker, wife, sister, mama...
Just love Jesus. He will handle the rest.


Rachel said...

I needed to read this. I spent my ENTIRE morning planning out the rest of the week. I want to enjoy it and make memories with my children and not lose my mind, which will happen if worry too much about my 'schedule'. Praying for you and the fabulous trip you have in just a few days time.

kim said...

love you! and love lauren! and love lauren's mom. gosh, i love lauren's mom...and i've never even met her.

Gwen said...

Just Breath Jessi,Your a Wonderful Mom.Things will fall into place.xxxxoooo With lots of love

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

From the time Wes was born until right around when he turned 3, I was frazzled almost every time we went in public, just he and I. I've enjoyed the past 3 or 4 months so much, that I'm scared to do the whole "baby/toddler" thing again :) I know that all kids are different, but sometimes parenting is just plain tough!

-stewarts- said...
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Milovy said...

That is such an encouragement to me!

kellybollman said...

sweet peace :)