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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


My best friend moved.
Our pipes are frozen.
I need a shower.
I could also use a long quiet time.

But God is good.
Also, if this blog sounds much too depressing - don't worry.

Because, we're heading back to the East Coast soon for vacation!
Christmas with kids is fantastic!
And I really love our community here.

But I just don't feel like blogging:)


Teresa said...

Jessi, we all understand...been there. Christmas in Charleston is the best. If you need someone to go see New Moon again call us, Angela will be in Charleston too! Starbucks works too.

lauren said...

do you need to take a shower at my house? it's a bit of a drive, but maybe worth it?

Leigh said...

Praying for you love!!!

kalle said...

i miss you.