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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Would you just pray?

I've felt so inadequate about what to do for Haiti. We discussed it with our community group, and Nick and I have talked about it a lot. Adoption won't be possible (or even possibly helpful) for years, and the little money we can give seems so... little.

But, would you just pray fervently for this family today?

There story is heart-wrenching and the husband has been sleeping on the floor of the US embassy for days, trying to get their adopted son home. His wife is back home caring for their other three children, one being a newborn.

Let's pray for them today.
That Ernest & Ronel would get as soon as possible.
That the Lord would use Ronel's testimony of being rescued in a scary land by his father to further the name of Christ.


Leigh said...

I heard of Ronel's story a few days ago. I cannot even begin to imagine. Even before the earthquake that sweet boy had seen far too much for his age. No child should ever be orphaned. Then to think of how his life has changed even more since the earthquake. This precious child needs an army of God's people praying for him. I know he has that now. I will continue to be praying for God's will in this situation. I pray I will never be the parent in this situation and that my child will never be the child, but I know that this could easily be my child in limbo waiting to come home. I would want people to know his story and pray for him. Praise God that we have the privilege to pray for one of His children!

Annie said...

Praying so hard.