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Sunday, February 21, 2010


No one should be this excited to move.

Tonight I'm exhausted, I'm worn out socially and spiritually, and tomorrow night we'll sleep in a different house. But I couldn't be upset if I tried.

To describe the retreat I went on this past weekend without explaining some truths I learned would be silly, but my brain (and my heart) isn't quite ready for that kind of writing yet. So I'll just say that it was really amazing and I experienced the most palpable work done by the Holy Spirit in me that I could ever ask for or imagine in 72 hours. Ugh, I just want to sob thinking about it. He is so good. He is so good. He is sovereign and he is good.

So, I imagine it would feel hectic and just horrible to come home and then MOVE but now it just feels so right. To pack up out of this house, where the past months have been so hard and to go to a new transitional place - location-wise & heart-wise.

This house has held some sweet times and some funny nights and some good friends, but it's blank beige-y walls and never unpacked boxes have really represented how my life has felt lately. I haven't had my wits about me, haven't had my armor on, haven't had the time or energy or desire to begin unpacking and letting the Holy Spirit renovate.

So, I'm ready.
The next few days will be busy unpacking -
the boxes in our house and the truth of God in my heart.

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