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Monday, March 1, 2010

domestic spice and two sweet squirrels

The domestic-decorating-delightful gene is slowly reawakening in my dna code.
Fabric wall-art project-in-progress inspired by Promise Tangeman.

Throw pillows thanks to Ikea and snazzy grey paint, thanks to my husband.
... we're almost there.

Also, I just found this delightful picture of my two favorite siblings and had to share:)


erin said...

oh the connollys and your great hair.

and yay for art and color and for bringing back the word snazzy!

erin said...

and this is when you say "i'm bringing snazzy back...yeah!"

(it's late)

michelle said...

oooo, LOVE those throw pillows!

AND e's hair. omgosh, i can't even stand it!