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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

what do you want?

My well is a little dry.
I've got three super heavy meaty posts brewing and nothing to post in the meantime because my heart is a little preoccupied with thinking on those things.

So here it is, your big opportunity!
Delurk and name your desires all at once.
What do you want to read about on the old naptime diaries?
What would bring you a chuckle or a smile or make your day a little easier.
My well is dry, help me out.

Recipes? Design stuff? Poop stories?
You name it & I might just deliver.


inthemiddleoflife said...

I made your healthy lasagna last night and the fam loved it...reminded me that I need some more fresh variations on our old standards. love you! momma

Dave and Rachel said...

You might have done this but post on what you learned at the blogging conference...also how much are your blog headers and can you incorporate pics?

michelle said...

design! design!
and, hey, poop is cool, too ;)
i love lurking in the windows of your life from the east coast, so you could write about pretty much anything and i'd love it. i mean, who ELSE can write about nail polish and have it come across as influential and riveting? (answer: no one) ;)

Andrea said...

Poop stories :) My 13-month-old puked egg all over the floor this morning, put it in her hair, while my 33-month-old ran his cars and trucks through it. Baby girl then peed all over the bathroom floor, just before her bath and smashed banana in her hair afterward. Big boy didn't quite make it to the potty to pee, so after 18 months of being potty trained, he peed in his pants. Validation? I know you have some good stories :)

casey said...

i want to see more pics of your new place any diy stuff you are doing in your spare time ;)

jill said...

guuuuuuuuuuuurl. recipes. and what do you do with your kids? schedule? i tend to crumble when i don't know what to do with them.... i'm NOT good at rolling around on the floor. i need an agenda!

kellybollman said...

just love your designs... but everything else too. sending you an email today! Design emergency... sort of