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Thursday, April 22, 2010

celebrating Scarlet

I've been designing a lot of baby shower invitations lately, a lot of super fun ones - and for some reason, haven't been blogging about them. I'm going to do that soon. Today, is all about one of the most fun invitations I got to do a while ago.

My friend, Marcy, is a lady who I super admire. She somehow exudes femininity while raising two very fun and masculine little boys. She is beautiful like you wouldn't believe and loves Jesus in a fervent and humble manner. When I'm around her, I ultimately feel spurred on to be more gentle and loving - as well as more fashionable and accessorized!

I'm just thrilled to pieces that God saw fit to bless her with a little lady-baby to raise. Scarlet will be here soon and I'm so thrilled to learn from Marcy, even long distance, and to see their family grow and change as they welcome her in!

So, of course, the invitation was fun to design because Marcy's personal style is so strong and feminine all at once - but I especially wanted to blog about the design because I have to miss the shower tonight! AGH! Nick has a band practice he cannot get out of and so I'll be here, at home, thinking of all the stylish women celebrating Scarlet and wishing I was there!

Marcy, I really have loved getting to know you and I
cannot wait to see you as a mother of three!


erin said...

super adorable invite. and i don't know how your kids feel about strangers, but i am volunteering to babysit if you still want to go. message me if so!

Amy H. said...

beautiful! Keep the designs coming, I loooove to see them :)