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Sunday, April 25, 2010

menus & gluten free

I think while a good portion of people might have the goal to become more organized, I literally make lists of how to become less organized. I'm not saying I'm outwardly organized (the cabinet under my sink looks like a paper bag factory blew up), but inwardly - every minute is accounted for and I have about sixteen running lists.

A recent to-do-to-become-more-relaxed item on my list was: attempt to go grocery shopping without a list or a plan for meals. I just wanted to see how the other half lives, ok? I'm always so interested when people say they're going to start meal planning because I actually have no idea how they know what to buy otherwise.

The results: I spent $20 on who-knows-what, got a headache, and came home to make a plan.
Spontaneity is just not my strong suit, and I'm ok with it.

Also, on a related note - I had a blog up for about an hour last week about going gluten & dairy free. I took it down because it was really sarcastic and I don't really like hearing sarcasm in my own (writing) voice, it doesn't sound right. But anyhow, I'm going dairy and gluten free for the sake of my thyroid which would seem like a massive inconvenience except I'm also going to have to start GIVING MYSELF SHOTS, which makes cutting out gluten and dairy look just stupid in comparison. Anything for the old endocrine system, right? No really, I'll do anything endocrine system - just help a sister out!

So, since I haven't written about meals/food in a while and I'm recently dairy & gluten free and I definitely planned my meals and groceries this week, why not blog about it? Will you do the same? ESPECIALLY if it's gluten or dairy free:)

Meals this week:
(monday) sausage, quinoa, & sweet potatoes. Basically using this recipe without the cabbage wraps.
(tuesday) brown rice, chicken verde in the crockpot with beans. [I saw I had frozen chicken, brown rice, green peppers, & mixed beans!] Now let's just see if I remember to soak the beans.
(wednesday) tacos al pastor. Something like this but adding mangoes & Trader Joe's precooked carnitas that is SUPER CHEAP! I won't be eating a tortilla, but I WILL be throwing some goat cheese on mine!
(thursday) We're having a cookout! Yay! To pray for our upcoming trip to Boston! Double yay! The usual suspects of hamburgers & hotdogs will show up and I'll also make a gluten free pasta salad for myself with brown rice pasta, peppers, garlic, & heirloom tomatoes.

Oh, that was fun for me. Seriously. I love a plan about as much as I love food.

And I love that I finally have blogging material for this week! Some teasers?
a) A design project I've been dying to show but have had to wait. It will make your day brighter, but not because of me.
b) A major (really minor, I'm being dramatic) life decision and how I reached it.
c) What's up with Boston and are we still moving? Ever?
and lastly..... d) I need to blog about my kids. They're blowing my mind lately. Like this.

Ok. Happy Monday, yall!


Leigh said...

I love reading your menus, they are a million times fancier than mine but maybe one day I will get there :)

Also I have a list of a few gluten-free recipe blogs at home, I could send them to you if you already haven't come across them! One of my friends is gluten-free and she was talking about not having a ton of recipes so I found them for her one day! Let me know!

Anonymous said...

I WISH I could meal plan. My meal planning comes when I'm at the grocery store and I go...hummm...that sounds good for supper this week. And I need, XYZ to make it happen.

As for the shots?!? What in the world. I'm a fellow thyroid-issue-gal, but what shots are you giving yourself and WHY? Did I miss a post somewhere?