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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

grown up summer wishlist

This year my oldest son has made his very own summer wishlist. While I was overwhelmed by his serious cuteness, I couldn't help but be intimidated and decided that I needed to retaliate with a list of my own.

So, without further ado, here is my grown-up summer wishlist.

1. He wants to make sure he eats lots of ice cream and goldfish,
I'd like to lose the last of the baby weight from his pregnancy three years ago.
2. He wants to go see family on the opposite coast,
I would like to survive the cross-country flight with a
one year old, two year old, and three year old.
3. My son would like to go to school this summer,
which clues me in to the fact that he's not really aware of the whole concept of "summer" just yet. I would like to freeze time and gaurantee that he never goes
to school and stays my three year old who likes to sit beside me and goof off all day.
4. He would like to watch Cars, the movie.
I would like to not have the whole movie memorized.
Turn right to go left! Guess what? I tried it, and you know what?
This crazy thing happened - I went right!
5. While "cooking ice cream" is on his list,
eating without my dairy allergy flaring up is seriously on mine.
6. He wants to have a picnic, I want to get over my fear of bugs.
7. "Get a new toothbrush" is on his list, "remember to brush Elias' teeth" is on mine.
8. Going to the beach is one of his plans,
and I hope to wear my first bathing suit since birthing him.
9. He would like to go on an "eating date" with Daddy and
I am definitely stealing that one.
10. He wants to play ball and
I want to get some quality time in playing my Twilight board game.
That's right I said it. I already own it.

So Mamas, what is on YOUR grown up summer list?


Amy H. said...

on mist is 1) get gary out of the hospital, healthy 2) go on the vacation that we missed last week because gary was in the hospital 3) overcome my hatred for trampolines

yes, i am crabby - but spending 8-12 hours per day for 3 weeks strait in an 8X10 hospital room will do that to you, i guess :)

ps: love yours & elias' list. i hope eeeeverything comes true this summer for you guys!!!

Billy & Megan said...

Jessi, put your bathing suit & go have some fun, girl! In 20 years, you'll look back & regret it if you don't. And just think of all the women who will feel better to realize they don't have to be anorexic to wear a bathing suit (this is what I tell myself when I put on my suits)! :)

the tofts said...

the bathing suit thing is on mine's been over 2 years! just bought my first one-piece since i was 15, SO glad they are in again. I online shopped for a million hours and know every suit on the market so let me know if you need suggestions for cute/modest ones :)

Rachel said...

I tried on my bathing suits this morning! I didn't 100% like what I saw, but they fit and I was happy. Also, I just got my new cover up in the mail. It's a little dress so I will at least feel cute sitting on a lounge chair if I'm not brave enough to be totally suit exposed.

I would like to find calorie free ice cream so said bathing suits will still fit by vacation. Or maybe calorie burning ice cream so I lose the 10 lbs I'm hoping for before vacation.

We are just plugging along with school so we can get to our one week of 'summer'. It will be well worth it.

I heard there is a Cars 2 coming...I'm sure you are well aware, but you know I find out things quite delayed. I could not be less excited or my boys more excited. Ka-chow!

Anonymous said...

A day off to lay in the sun and read fall fashion magazines while my children are far away.

And time to blog? It's been what, six weeks? I don't know how you do it...