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Sunday, June 20, 2010

homemaking fail.

I think this is probably fairly good timing.
I'm in the midst of a three part series on on grocery/meal planning - which is funny because I love most of the feedback I'm getting about it. Mostly, I think it's causing a good amount of people to laugh at my compulsive planning, which I think is a really good thing to laugh at.

So, my list fail.
(I LOVE lists. Every once in a while Elias will even get out a pen and
paper and play "list" with me. I think he's trying to speak my love language.)
First - a backstory.

A week or so ago, I was at the grocery store alone, which is not normal. Usually sometime over the weekend, Nick and I take all the kids to the grocery store and we do family shopping. I take Benj in my cart, Elias and Glory go with Nick and we do it in teams, with them running little errands around the store for me. I LOVE IT! We get to talk about food, teach the kids about produce, and when I forget something on my list - Nick helps out.

.... But this time I was ALONE. I got everything on my list except for "pjcheese".
If you don't know what "pjcheese" is, you're in good company - because even though I'd neatly written out the list in meticulous order, I couldn't remember what "pjcheese" was to save my life. I almost asked a worker. As we were unloading groceries, Nick casually asked, "Did you happen to get the pepper jack?". List fail #1.

So this week, we had a running list of things going we needed at Target - to finish spending our awesome $100 giftcard that Nick had won from The Beautiful Mess (go check out their wonderful photography). We were both contributing to the list on our chalkboard and when I went to transcribe it to paper... of course, I was dumbfounded.

FF? ff circled? What does that meeeeeaaaan?
At first I blamed Nick, but after we dissected how I wrote F's and how he writes F's, I had to face the music. My abbreviation skills had failed me.
Sometimes even a good meticulous list can't help you remember that your son needs flip-flops.
Sometimes even a sweet little beauty like this can't help you either.
And while she has nothing to do with the story, I threw in some ff's for her too.


nicelle said...

This really made me laugh! I love lists too, but I don't make enough of them. I'm trying to "cut back" so that I don't have so many floating around the house! I've been writing faster and less neat (my penmanship used to be my crowning glory... well, at least in my own eyes) so I can certainly relate. Oh, and going to the store alone is such a treat, yet somehow a bit lonely after doing it with kids most of the time!

kalle said...

i LOVE that chalk board.

Amy H. said...

i am a terrible list maker. i need some of your list making skillz. i haven't done the abbreviation thing but almost daily I go into a room to get something and orget what i went in there for. arg!

Amy H. said...

and apparently i forget the f in forget too, DOH :)