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Friday, July 9, 2010

an ode to the blog.

I love this post that Kristen wrote about blogging.
But I'm breaking the first rule, don't blog about blogging.

I just feel very comfortable with saying, I love blogs.
For years I've fought it. If you brought up my blog in person, I'd probably shrug it off or make light of it or tell you I'm thinking about quitting. Because I have, often, and who wants to really take the plunge and take on the title of "mommy blogger"? That conjures up all sorts of bad ideas for me.

But I'm ready now. Ready to fess up. I love blogging.
I love that in a season of life-craziness, it's given me an outlet to feel a little normal and still do something slightly intellectual. (I said slightly, ya'll) I love reading what other women have to say and being a part of a community, even outside of my own community. I love, love, love getting to write for Mama Manifesto and still writing here, which feels totally separate and fun - like two different parties and this is the intimate one that I planned myself, where I can curl up on the couch and just sit back. I even love writing a secret blog that's only for my own pure enjoyment.

So. Thank you God for blogs.
Up next week - big stuff.
I'll be sharing about our nutso summer & my husband's church plant & our move and more.
There definitely will be some adoption talk (not our own), but about this great family.
And of course, there will be some mindless goodness to help me cope with changing 8 diapers a day. At least. I hope you'll enjoy.

But for today, if you have time, head over to Mama Manifesto to see my little introduction and help Nick and I end the lifelong argument of whether or not I should smile with my mouth closed or not.
Then come back here and vote "mouth open" so I can set him straight forever.


suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter said...

i love blogging/reading blogs, too, but i do feel super-nerdy whenever someone from my family comments about my "online community."

whatever. i am thankful for community--wherever it is found:)

off to read your mama manifesto intro. and ALWAYS mouth open, i say!

Leigh said...

You are beautiful no matter what but, sorry nick, open mouth.

Carissa said...

Mouth open. Fo' sho'.

Kara said...

You're a famous blogger now! I can say I knew you when. Congrats, congrats!