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Friday, August 27, 2010

On Wednesday night, my mom's best friend called her and offered for us to stay at her beautiful beach house for a few nights. Blessing. Blessing. Blessing.

Though we're sort of already "on vacation" and "out of town", this transition season had just really started to wear on us this week. Fundraising is, well, fundraising and while we're glad to be with family and friends down here in the South - our hearts are longing for Boston and to minister to our people. All in good time though, right?

So anyhow, we jumped at the chance. We've actually never been on a family VACATION. Like, just us, at a place, with no business to attend to but enjoying one another and really trying to take in the rest and restoration the Lord has for us. So we're beyond thankful.

Here are some snippets of what you'll find us doing in the next few days.

glor & the beautiful beach

benja by the sea.

handsome prince & beautiful home

the kids asked for cereal for dinner. i definitely obliged.

practicing walking.

watching them from up here


look at these birds!

elias is entranced.

I pray whatever you're up to this weekend, it's restful and restorative.
And that the minutes positively crawl.


Leigh said...

oh so glad you are getting a sweet vacation just the 5 of you! praying it is a massive blessing for each person in your family!

PS Glory's hair? seriously she is a beauty queen, those Boston boys better watch out!

the tofts said...

glory just stopped my heart. yikes that's some beauty. enjoy sweet rest!

inthemiddleoflife said...

soooo glad it's a place of rest. exactly what I've been praying for ya'll.
miss those little hugs and smiles, though...can't wait til Sunday!

michelle said...

seriously, though. glor's hair is unreal. and so is that HOUSE! enjoy every single second (& i hope they crawl slowly by!)

kim said...

Too much sister. I love that you get to be on vacation and in such a beautiful place! What a joy. Those pictures are amazing. And Glory is so so so beautiful. I miss you Connolly's.