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Monday, September 13, 2010

my groove list

About a week ago, we moved our "temporary transition location" from my mom's house to my sister's house. My mom & stepdad (Nonny & Poppy) have been more than gracious to host us, but my sister kept insisting over and over again, "when else will we ever get to live together again?!" so we're sharing their house and having a blast, in spite of the fact that there are six kids under seven here. Maybe because there are six kids under seven here. What makes it particularly fun is that this is my sister's birthday week and it's been a good five years since I've been able to celebrate her birthday with her. Last night we started the week off with a dinner with her awesome girl friends and it was so sweet to see other women who love her as much as I do.

Now, here's something you might not know about my sister (Katie, Ruby) if you don't know her in real life. She's too cute. Literally too cute. Three kids, pregnant, super busy schedule - it doesn't matter: she's too cute. Great hair, perfect outfits, beautiful charming smile ALL the time. And here's what I've learned from living with her: she doesn't break the bank paying for outfits and she certainly doesn't spend eight hours in the morning getting ready. She just makes it work.

So over the past few days, I've been letting her begging her to help me out with getting my groove back. Because if my sister with three kids, thrifty budgeting skills, and super busy schedule can make an effort and look beautiful, modest, and cute all at once - I'm really hoping there is hope for me too. So here is my second "getting my groove back list", you can find the first here. Nick and I went on a date on Friday and while we drove from location to location, he helped me sort out what was realistic and most importantly - what actually mattered to him, since he's the real one I'm getting my groove back for.

- Recommit to wearing fingernail polish. You can read about my tumultuous past with fingernail polish here. But I'm recommitting, again. Nick adds that he prefers it be very dark. So much for my dreams of coral toes.
- Shop thrift stores, goodwill, whatever. I think for the next few months, especially since my body is still rapidly changing post-baby (a year and a half later), I think I want to stick to strictly second-hand clothing additions.
- Begin using wrinkle cream. (ugly cry)
- Keep hair long. (Nick's request) Which leads to....
- Deep condition & trim hair.
- find some kind of free makeup consultant.
(seriously, I'm pretty embarrassed. I don't think I really know how to put makeup on)
- wear pearl earrings LESS. again.
- Make it a goal to wear real shoes at least 3 times a week. Real means not rainbows and not tennis shoes.
- wear lipgloss daily, find a good REAL lipstick for datenights and occasions.
(does anyone else wear real lipstick? doesn't it seem too grown up? am I grown up? apparently so, I need wrinkle cream...)
- get calf implants. (Nick's request) (only kidding of course) (I have the calves like one of those half-horse-half-women animals) (that isn't self-mockery - I don't hate my horse/hybrid calves)

So, there it is.
How's your groove?
What wrinkle cream do you use?
Most importantly, where should I hide my pearl earrings at, you know - from myself?


Kara said...

I wear CoverGirl lipstain, so its not as, well goopy. I hate having my hair caught on my lipstick/gloss.

Also I started using anti-wrinkle cream at 24. Think of it as prevention :)

You're a beauty!!

Laura said...

You and Katie are both beautiful...inside and out! Your list has inspired me! I need to get some feedback from my husband too! Fab idea! Goes along with the Love songs series well! :)

Tiffany said...

Oh girl!! I am an official lipstick junkie! I use loreal colour riche. Its my fav! The color that is on the bottom of the tube is the color that it shows up! It doesn't run (yes I am getting little line around my mouth) doesn't glop up and it really smooth and last forever!

As for lip gloss, (my other addiction.) Try Smith's rosebud salve, its not in a tub and it is a beautiful rose color, smells amazing and is so perfect! DO NOT GET A TUB, its so messy.

I love that you talked to your hubby! I think it's so important, that's the only reason why I don't have more tattoos and blond hair! LOL

Leigh said...

I feel the same way about lipstick. I put it on and suddenly I feel like I am playing dress up and shouldn't really be wearing it. Stila makes a great lipstick that isn't too heavy and sometimes you can get a really great deal on it. Also target now sells ELF makeup and it's crazy cheap and I have had great results with the eye shadow, not sure about the lip stick though. And finally hide the pearls somewhere that will be hard to get to so that it would be too much trouble to pull them out!

kim said...

Go to your nearest Nordstrom and get your make up done at Bobby Brown. Tell them how you WANT to look...maybe even a picture that's nice and natural. THEY are the BEST. And just buy a lipstick there! They don't expect you to buy anything. But, seriously I think they do the best natural, yet sassy make up. And I use that ELF make up from Target too. I love it. And the $1-3 price tag isn't too bad either.

inthemiddleoflife said...

covergirl lipstain (outlast), for sure. had to ask my friend what it was that kept her lipstick perfect ALL day long...and that's when she gave me this amazing tip. it comes with a gloss tube.

love your beauty-ful self!

Angela and Kayle Hinkle said...

Kayle suggests letting Benja hide the earrings...good luck finding them again! By the time you do, you might be itching to wear them more often.

Rachel said...

I agree with the anti-wrinkle cream being more for prevention. I started using it in college, after years of being afriad to use any moisturizer cause I didn't want more pimples. I use Olay products. The cheaper ones.

I'm in the same lipstick rut. I went back to my old middle school favorite when we moved here...Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. One coat is like a light gloss and several coats gives a darker look. Still not like real lipstick though.

Throw the earrings in the bottom of a big purse. I'm always losing stuff that way.

Also, please convince Katie to do a style-on-a-budget-for-women-who-want-to-be-modest-but-look-great blog. Or just have her guest post a couple of times here. I've been trying to figure out how she does it so perfectly and effortlessly for the last 15+ years!

ktabs said...

i can hear your ugly cry from here! haha. i was just spending the weekend with a girlfriend, and when she saw my wrinkle cream/face lotion, she was so disturbed.

my best friend started using it at 19- although i just found out last year. she still looks like she's 12. so, when i heard that, i decided i was behind and needed to start pronto! from her advice, she's tried a ton of different creams, expensive and not, and landed on neutrogena.

So- all that to say, I use Neutrogena "healthy skin anti wrinkle cream" now as my daily lotion before putting on makeup in the morning. it's fairly cheap and you can sometimes find it BOGO free at CVS, walgreens etc.

kellybollman said...

I wear lipstick and then add the gloss.
NEED wrinkle cream, if I want to be look wrinkle free - oh well.

And am going to have to go talk to the Lord (seriously) about my jealousy of you seeing Katie so much. I love you both, dearly. :)